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Planning for your ‘golden years’ is something you should start doing sooner rather than later

While there is certainly something to be said for the ‘live for today’ philosophy, there is far more to be said, and possibly admired, about the ‘plan for tomorrow’ philosophy that is ingrained in us from a young age. In short, planning for your ‘golden years’ is something every couple and individual should start doing sooner rather than later.

The team at Brettenwood Coastal Estate share their thoughts on preparing for the future…

‘Buying a property is a huge commitment. But as an appreciating asset class, sometimes the question is more ‘can you afford not to purchase property,’ rather than the alternative. Of course, cash flow and finances in general are always the most important factor when it comes to deciding where to spend your retirement years and money, however, making sound investments early on should give us all the financial cushion needed to make a choice that actually suits us when the time comes.

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When it comes to making the choice regarding where to spend our well-deserved ‘golden years’, it is advisable to visit different retirement estates or estates with retirement facilities to see what they have to offer.

Whether we like it or not, we become less strong, fit and resilient as time goes on, making the facilities on offer crucial to the investment choice. For instance, having medical facilities on your doorstep will ensure you are covered when you least expect it, which in turn offers you and your family peace of mind.

Having fellow retirees that share common interests with regard to hobbies or sport will also give you a beautiful sense of community, while that social aspect keeps us active, involved and invested in everything that is going on around us. When you have like-minded people and a great sense of community, it makes your transition into retirement a more seamless pleasure, as is evidenced in some of the top retirement estates in the country.

Find out everything there is to know about your potential investment, making multiple visits to the facilities and estates that you have narrowed down before settling on your final choice.  This is your future after all. Now is the time to sit back, relax, and enjoy it, preferably surrounded with friends and a gorgeous view of the ocean.’

Details: For details about Brettenwood Coastal Estate’s retirement village contact Mark Harris, sales executive for Home & Country Property on Brettenwood Coastal Estate: 082 789 6340 / [email protected]

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