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Enjoy the ocean while looking and feeling utterly stylish

As a self-confessed ‘surfer girl with curves’, Christelle knows how real the struggle is when it comes to finding a bikini that will allow you to enjoy your time both in and out of the water. Which is exactly what inspired the 37-year-old mother to embark on a swimwear journey.

“Me and the Sea came about because of my love for the ocean and desire to share my passion with other women. Whenever I chat to women about my passion for surfing, watching the sun rise as I sit at backline, surfing with dolphins and pretty much just enjoying the ocean . . . I can see their eyes sparkle. But often they have no idea where to start (or even what to wear) and so they tell themselves they can’t do it. I wanted to tell them that they can,” says the ‘solo-momtrepeneur’ who also owns her own science and health communication company. 

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It was three years ago, while on a surfing trip in Wilderness and Vic Bay, that Christelle says the Me and the Sea dream was born.

“It’s about a woman who feels comfortable in her own skin and what she’s wearing, while doing what she loves. ‘Active swimwear’ is a definition of my own – it’s swimwear that supports you having an active, playful lifestyle. Whether you swim, surf, SUP, surf ski, play volleyball on the beach or frolic with your kids in the shore break – it stays on, gives you support, protects your skin and damn girl, it looks HOT!”

The range currently comprises six styles, three bottoms and three tops (which can be mixed and matched), as well as two one-piece swimsuits and ‘Mommy, Me and Sea’ rash vests which are fully lined, made of high quality fabric that is UPF 50+, moisture-wicking, chlorine resistant and quick-drying.

“I am in love with vibrant colours and prints and always loved the idea of matching seemingly ‘clashing’ prints with each other – so in the range I’ve mixed prints in carefully chosen details for a curated look.”

Christelle says the brand is ultimately inspired by fun, playful lifestyles, vibrant colours, being present and in the moment, friendship and women feeling confident and trusting what they wear.

“I create swimwear that is realistic for women’s curves and the fact that we are not just on the beach or in the water to ‘bob’ up and down – we want to be active, jump around, throw our kids in the air and crash into the waves! And swimwear can do all that and still look amazing, colourful and elegant!”

The range is available to purchase via an online catalogue which can be viewed via Instagram, Facebook or via email.

Details: www.facebook.com/meandtheseaswimwear/, @me.andthesea on Instagram, [email protected]

Christelle’s 5 tips for choosing swimwear:

Choose your sport: Choose a style and added functional details best suited to your favourite activity. For example, if you plan to take on heavy waves then choose a style that will stay on like something with cup support and cross-over back. If you are heading to the beach for yoga and a splash in the ocean afterwards, then leggings are your best bet.

Snug or relaxed: Decide what you are going to use your swimwear for and choose the fit accordingly. If you’re are planning some serious bodysurfing then the fit should be nice and snug so it stays on if you get dumped! Remember, once you get into the water, swimwear usually relaxes so something that feels quite tight when its dry, will fit perfectly when it gets wet. However, if you’re just going to build sand castles and take gentle walks, a size up may be better for a relaxed fit and feel.

Pick your level of sun protection: Decide how much coverage you will need to compliment your activity. If you train in an indoor swimming pool then coverage isn’t important, but if you have a mid-day SUP session you may want to opt for a long sleeve rash vest and/or legging.

Boobs and bums: Depending on your body type and choice of activity, choose cup support and bum coverage that will compliment your body and level of activity. Choose between built-in cups and no cups and remember to check if the garment is lined if you’re wearing nothing underneath. Choose a bikini bottom cut that is generous if you want to feel comfortable and feel covered or a cheekier option if you feel brave.

You’ve got to look and feel amazing! Just because it is active swimwear doesn’t mean it has to be bland and unflattering. Look for tiny details in the designs that create interest and choose prints and colours that speak to you, make you feel happy and that say ‘no one puts Baby in the corner!’

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