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There is nothing traditional about the modern nursery or toddler room

Gone are the days of the all-pink or all-blue nursery and the wooden bed and chest of draws in toddler’s rooms. With resources like Pinterest and Instagram at our fingertips the modern parent is pushing the envelope with their kid’s interiors. Upcycling furniture, recovering couches and custom creating once-off pieces are just some of the current décor trends for little people. We took a peek inside two gorgeous North Coast children’s rooms, both of which have an extra wow factor…

Mom: Christie Sevel

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Who lives in this room? My little girl, Zoey Lilly who is eight months old.

What was your vision for the room? Firstly, I didn’t want to make the same mistake I made with my first child. I made her nursery very ‘traditional’- all neutrals and very baby like. But before you know it, they are already one, two and three and you have to change their room a few times. I wanted Zoey’s room to be transitional – a room she could grow into without me having to change too much of the décor. I wanted to do something fun and different. I am obsessed with animal print and thought it would be fun to add bold animal wall paper to her nursery as opposed to your traditional nursery wall paper.

Tell us what you did with the room and who helped you? My best friend Gaby Webber, a very good family friend Les Slater and Pinterest helped me achieve the finished product. I used my firstborn’s compact which was plain white with crystal handles, and had it painted a candy pink with gold edging by the talented Loraine Philbrick from Paint and Design. I also changed the handles to gold. I added a beautiful bold, black and white animal print wall paper installed to which I matched the changing mat in a similar animal print. To make the wall pop I found a beautiful panda cuddle animal head to add to the wall along with her name ‘Zoey Lilly’, which was custom made in a gold print. We had our second-hand sleigh cot we bought for our first born, painted black. I wanted to break the colours in the room by adding some greenery to my nursery with the ottoman and bespoke carrycot. I kill all plants (I’m just trying to keep the kids alive, haha) so I bought some artificial plants to add to the greenery. I added a few shelves and hung pictures which were a gifted to me in basic gold frames. 

How would you describe the room? Kitsch cute

Suppliers: Wallpaper: Vanilla Studio; Ottoman and bespoke carrycot: Delicious Monsters; Panda animal head: Kids Emporium; Custom name print: Baby Couture; Plants: MRP Home; Changing mat: Studio Collection; Shelving: Builders Warehouse and pictures: Etsy.

Mom: Hannah Little

Who lives in this room? My three-year-old daughter, Erin.

What was your vision for the room? There wasn’t a specific vision for her room as I kept her gender a surprise while I was pregnant. I knew I didn’t want a clichéd pink or blue room and I’m a fan of minimalistic and modern interior design mixed with a bit of a quirky undertone. I found two key items – a blanket and a framed picture – and then the rest just came together from there.

Tell us what you did with the room and who helped you? I didn’t have any help with the room – it was just a cluster of my imagination. Once Erin was born and we were upgrading her room to a ‘big girl room’ I decided to use the geometric blush wallpaper (which I bought years before I was pregnant from IKEA in the UK). I had always been waiting for the right space, so it worked out. We built a house bed and just brought some mustard in with the pink so it wasn’t too girlie. The Mrs Mighetto prints as well as her bike really finished the room off for me.

How would you describe the room? Girlie with a quirky touch.

Suppliers: Chest of drawers: MRP Home; Prints: Mrs Mighetto; Eames Rocker: @homelivingspace; Bike: Banwood Bikes.

Text and photographs: Monique De Villiers-Delport

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