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Why a photo booth is an absolute must for weddings

In a world full of selfies and social media a dedicated photo booth is an absolute must for weddings these days! Jarryd Sunkel of KZN Wedding DJ tells us a bit about the concept and things to remember if you’re planning a photo booth for your big day.

What exactly is a photo booth and how does it work? Photo booths have been around for quite some time, but they’ve changed considerably over the last few years. Often the first thing people think of when they hear ‘photo booth’ is a closed-in box-shaped booth with curtains and a camera inside prompting you to take a photo at a countdown. But things have changed. Nowadays we use ‘open air photo booths’, which means the photo booth is open and guests can see you posing and having your photo taken.  How does it work? It’s simple: the photo booth can print many different formats but most popular are the photo strips which have three or four photos on each strip. The printer automatically prints two duplicate strips. Your guests will pose for the photos and the booth takes the photos with a four-second interval between each photo. The photo is then processed and printed on a high-quality printer within 12 seconds. Customers custom design their photo strips, including a range of awesome backdrops.

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Photo booths have become such a popular add-on to weddings because they are a great feature for pre-drinks while the bride and groom are having their creative photo shoot. It gives guests a chance to create memories which the bride and groom will receive digitally.

Jarryd’s tips for couples when booking a photo booth:

1. The booth: Make sure you know the equipment the booth uses. If they are using anything other than a DSLR camera, be wary. Your photo booth needs great lighting and studio lighting ensures a soft, shadowless image.

2: Price vs quality: Cheap doesn’t always mean great. You only get married once – make sure you have images and memories you’ll want to treasure.

3: Digital images: Find out how your original images will be delivered to you? Via DVD? Digital Link? Very few of us use DVD’s, so make sure your photo booth company can offer you a digital link which is mobile responsive (so you can download to your mobile device).

About KZN Wedding DJ: Founded by Jarryd Sunkel after 16 years of wedding and corporate dance floor experience KZN Wedding DJ offers bridal couples professional wedding deejay services which include the ceremony, pre-drinks and reception music. Jarryd is also a professional emcee (MC) for all types of events and has a love for people and all-things-wedding! His popular photo booths allow guests to instantly receive printed photos with a custom designed template and have a choice of a number of different backdrops.

Details: Jarryd Sunkel / 076 501 2505 / [email protected] / www.kznweddingdj.co.za / @kznweddingdj on instagram

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