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Straight talking with Thandolwethu

She’s honest, raw and real and can be heard on East Coast Radio on weekday mornings as part of the station’s new line-up. We found out a little more about Thandolwethu Ngidi’s wildly popular, direct approach to topics and hilarious, self-deprecating sense of humour.

Priding herself on bringing reality into her radio show, Thandolwethu believes that there is nothing better than getting into the car and feeling the deejay is talking to you.

“I really want to connect with our listeners and have real conversations. I want KZN to feel like they can come to me with anything and that this platform is not just for me but for them too, to share their stories and speak their minds.”

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As part of the new line-up reshuffle, Thandolwethu (who hosted East Coast Urban for two years) takes over the reins from Damon Beard on the weekday mornings nine-to-12 slot.

When asked what her listeners can expect from the show, the self-confessed ‘lover of life’ says you can expect to laugh, cry, love, learn and get angry.

“I’m an emotive deejay. There are no gimmicks, just realness. It’s an emotional roller coaster. I’m someone who lays it all out there. I wear my heart on my sleeve and my listeners are the most important people to me. Taking them on this journey with me is something I truly treasure.”

Loving the fact that she can change a stranger’s life, Thandolwethu says making connections with people is what she loves most about being on radio.

“Every day is different. There are different people to connect with, each with their unique stories and take on life. I love that I get to meet different people without having to travel far, my microphone is my transporter.”

After graduating with a degree in television presenting in Johannesburg, Thandolwethu decided to stay on to help train television presenters at the university. From there she went to YFM (her first big break) and then on to P4.FM, where she hosted the breakfast show with Chillie M for a couple of months before moving to the drive show. After making her debut on ECR presenting the top 40, Thandolwethu moved back to Johannesburg to take over the drive show on radio 2000 before settling back in Durban to host the drive on Gagasi for seven and a half years. She then moved back to East Coast Radio to do weekday evening radio from six to nine for three years before taking on her new show. “I now get home and everyone is still up! It is such a bonus. Although I love the new time slot, I was nervous because I had big shoes to fill, as Damon is an icon, but it really shows the station’s belief and trust in me and my craft.”

Details: @Thandolwethu_dj

Text: Monique De Villiers-Delport

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