Eco-friendly style with recycled brown Kraft paper


Toy baskets, shopping bags, cosmetic pouches, planters and nappy bags…all eco-friendly and created in the purest form possible from recycled brown Kraft paper that not only is long lasting but washable too. Plus, they’re kinda stylish.

As parents of young children, Salt Rock entrepreneurs Guy Bower and Jon Roberts have a strong desire and drive to look after the environment as much as possible to preserve it for their children, their grandchildren and their great grandchildren.

“We have a duty to be conscious consumers. Not necessarily for us as individuals, but for the future generations to come,” says Jon.

It was after the two neighbours bought the assets of a sewing business, primarily to do work for their own businesses, that Jon found a washable craft paper and showed it to Guy. And just like that, after a few whiskeys, a range of products that are functional, practical and fashionable, was born.

After six months from conceptualisation to launch, ensuring that each element of the product is devoid of plastic-based inputs and as eco-friendly as possible, Husk Eco Luxe (named after husk’s protective coating around a seed or fruit) hit the market.

“Husk products are a protective, natural coating around your valuables. The biodegradable craft paper is made using natural plant fibres from forests that are FSC certified, which undergo an innovative process to make a finished paper which has a leather-like look and feel and is washable, water resistant and highly tear resistant.”

Manufactured using washable craft paper, 100% cotton canvas webbing and linings, metal and brass fittings and brass zippers with 100% cotton canvas tape, Jon says the range is aimed at the eco-conscious, yet fashionable consumer who is looking for functionality with an aesthetically appealing edge.

“Our aim is to keep our pricing affordable, our designs and colours on trend and to ultimately provide good quality and sustainable products for our customers. We are continuously working on updated designs and products and we can’t wait to add, expand and grow our range – so watch this space.”

The range is currently available on with plans in the pipeline for their own online platform and retail outlets to stock their products.

Details: @husk_ecoluxe on Instagram, Husk Eco Luxe on Facebook, [email protected],