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Granada Square refurbishment well underway

Having been a landmark in uMhlanga for the past 30 years, Granada Square is both a well-known and well-loved community shopping centre, attracting holidaymakers and locals alike.
Purchased in April 2007 by the leading JSE-listed real estate investment trust (REIT) Emira Property Fund,  Granada Square was first upgraded in 2008, which saw changes made to the ground floor retail level and the addition of a third floor to the centre.  The centre, which up until that point was completely face-brick in design, was also plastered and painted. In 2015, further tenant movements took place, including the expansion of Woolworths Food and the relocation of long-standing Italian restaurant, Angelo’s.
According to Emira Asset Manager, Sandra Kruger, “In ensuring that the centre remains relevant and in line with current design trends, in early 2018 we decided to consult with design architects to upgrade the building with an investment of R10 million. Initial designs were presented, and we worked tirelessly with the various teams to ensure that the overall look and feel was complementary to the centre and the vibrant uMhlanga Village in general.”
Undertaken in a phased approach, the initial work began in August 2018 and focused on general maintenance elements, such as replacing the waterproofing for both office and retail spaces, repainting, and giving the centre a general facelift and more appealing exterior.
The second phase of the upgrade, which is currently underway, will see a complete reconfiguration of the centre court area, which has been redesigned to create to more modern, piazza feel. All its tiling is being replaced, and it will now include feature tile areas. Further to this, the lower level retail area façade will be enhanced with roof canopies, allowing restaurant tenants to spill out into the courtyard area and giving shoppers a weatherproof, covered walkway. A mixture of wood and steel finishes will soften the overall aesthetics, and create seamless synergies.
Emira has crafted the upgrade of Granada Square to enhance its ambience and offering, and ensure that it remains well positioned for its market and the future
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