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Dads of Instagram

Getting down on the floor, climbing trees, trying with flash and then without flash, doing countless retakes and pretty much whatever else it takes to get theee picture . . .  this is what a day in the life of an ‘Instagram dad’ is all about! We chat to some of the men who work hard ‘behind the scenes’ of their wives’ successful Instagram feeds.

Brett Delport of @being_maddies_mom
A software developer by day and a proud Instagram dad by night, Brett has been an ‘Instagram dad’ for over four years now. Married to journalist and social media influencer Monique, the couple’s three-year-old daughter, Maddie, is the co-star of the show! The blog features Monique’s lifestyle, travel and parenting and has over 13 200 Instagram followers.

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How would you describe being an ‘Instagram dad’? It takes patience, team work, and time. But the rewards are well worth it. I’m the chauffeur, prop carrier, clown (making Maddie smile and laugh), photographer (taking pictures when mom needs to be in the shot) and I also do technical support when WIFI goes down!
How do you handle your family’s ‘fame’ on Instagram? By embracing it. I love meeting my wife’s followers and saying hi. There are often occasions I feel like people are really watching me when I am out in public, but I am used to it now and just smile and wave.
What’s the strangest thing some has said in public after recognising you? I was recently called ‘Durban’s most famous Dad’.
What do you enjoy about being an ‘Instagram dad’? Having the opportunity to get involved with new products ahead of others and being able to offer others’ advice on things for their kids. I also love having so many pictures of our life available for me to look back on.


Martin Coates of @doing_life_with_us
This Durban North auditor is father to his two precious girls, Skyla (4) and Michaela (1) and married to parenting and lifestyle micro-blogger Kirsten, who has 4300 Instagram followers. He has been an Instagram dad for two years now.

What is being an ‘Instagram dad’ all about? You have to be flexible when it comes to photo opportunities – although I don’t feel like I’m doing anything I wouldn’t ordinarily do anyway because we mostly photograph activities we do as a family. I play backup photographer, prop holder, soap bubble blower and quality controller (helping with final photo selections).
What is the funniest thing your wife has made you do to get that perfect shot? Having a maternity photo shoot on the beach in front of curious tourists and streams of dog walkers, and being instructed to ‘embrace’ on a rock in the shallow water . . . like a scene from Titanic . . . without the ship!
What is the best part of being an ‘Instagram dad’? Knowing there are going to be memories that have been carefully prepared, described and selected that I can look back on any day.

Waheed Issufo of @ammarah_issufo
Waheed is in brand management alongside his wife Ammarah who is currently pregnant with their first child. He is making the transition from ‘Instagram husband’ for the past three years to Instagram dad this month for his wife’s Instagram page which has over 1800 followers.

How would you describe being an ‘Instagram dad’? Having your phone and mood charged to take the perfect photos at any given time. Even if it means stopping traffic on a busy road to capture the desired ‘walking the streets’ shot! It’s a tough, underpaid yet highly rewarding job – haha!
What is the funniest thing your wife has made you do to get that perfect shot? Doing a couple shoot as if we had a photographer on set … except we didn’t. Nor did we have our tripod. We used all sorts of items to have the camera at the correct height and angle, set the timer and… bam! It actually turned out to be such a fun shoot.

What is the best part about being an ‘Instagram dad’? Sharpening my creative side and affording us the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people who we call friends today.

Justin Fourie of @shanfourie.coza
Justin and wife Shan run a sales and marketing agency and share three beautiful kids, Jackson (6), Jordan (4) and Brooklyn (2). Shan’s blog focuses on motherhood, lifestyle and beauty and has an Instagram following of nearly 5000.

How would you describe being an ‘Instagram dad’?  Honestly, to start with it was painful to try get ‘the picture’ that Shan had in mind! But I think I’ve become a bit of a professional now and don’t mind it at all.
What is the strangest thing your wife makes you do to get that perfect shot? She makes me wait for a pic before touching my food and hold a pose for longer than ‘normal’ to get the shot . . .  but that’s just the new normal for most people now!
How do you handle your family’s ‘fame’ on Instagram? It’s taken some getting used to. I am more of a private person and walking through the mall with people saying “hey, are you Shan’s husband?” can be kind of strange. Honestly, it used to freak me out!
What is the best part about being an ‘Instagram dad’? Seeing my wife blossom.

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