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Bianca Warren shares her Vodacom Durban July fashion tips

“Every year I get excited waiting in anticipation for the release of the theme for the Vodafone Durban July. This year theme is exceptionally special “The stars of Africa” when hearing this the words that immediately come to mind are Local celebrity attire on the red carpet, animal and African prints and fabrics, golds and nudes, incorporating local traditions such as beads to a beautiful timeless little black number, our beautiful vibrant local flowers as the sun sets on them, using local, organic and natural fabrics to produce something proudly South African.”

Some tips for the July:

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  • PLEASE Don’t take the theme to literal.
  • We don’t often get to dress up in Durban so take advantage of this special occasion. Have fun and make the most of it.
  • I do love an animal print but use it as a key element and a touch of drama. There’s a fine line between tasteful animal print and tacky. Your animal print dress doesn’t not need to match your animal print shoes, belt and bag that’s just to many elements mixed with a sparkle or detail this can come across a bit jersey shore.  Keep in mind animal print is a trend so use it tastefully. Animal print on a solid black is class.

  • If you are wanting to re use or recycle a dress choose a plain or a black one in your cupboard and change it up with an animal print bag nude killer heels, glitzy shiny metallic fabric (incorporating the star element) and a pop of red on your lips for a bit of an edge. Black is timeless and mixing it with a bold earring can also make a beautiful statement.
  • If you want to push the boundaries this theme how about a beautiful African beaded piece of jewellery. Mixing traditions with red carpet dresses are an awesome contrast and very on trend at the moment.
  • Is comfort key or is beauty pain at the July? I often find myself wanting to tell my clients suck it up for an evening and take a Corenza C and please don’t put a jacket on to take away the beauty of my dress. But I end up suggesting a leather jacket a nice trendy throw or trench-coat or a fur (ish) fur. Again keep in mind entering the event and during pictures to take it off quickly if it doesn’t add to the look.  The grass at the July is no joke and let’s be honest a wedge doesn’t match all dresses. A clear glass stopper is imperative, firstly to protect your shoe and secondly you more comfortable rather than sinking into the grass.

Details: www.facebook.com/pg/BiancaWarrenSA | @biancawarrensa on Instagram


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