Raindrops to youth

massage of face for woman in spa salon

Wouldn’t we all love to have ‘Hollywood-fabulous’ skin? Well, maybe now we can.

The coveted ‘Raindrop Facial’, used by A-list celebs the world over, is now available right here in Umhlanga . . . and we decided to give it a test drive!

Whether you’ve read about it online or in top, international fashion magazines – or have never heard of it before, the Raindrop Facial is all the rage at the moment. The treatment, which combines three skin technologies (and is used by the likes of Angelina Jolie and Jennifer Lawrence) is now available at Advanced Aesthetics Umhlanga.

The ‘Raindrop Facial’ was developed by a leading New York dermatologist as a way of combining the best of three advanced medical and cosmetic skin care technologies – microdermabrasion, laser toning and skin peels – into one effective skin treatment.

Arriving at the clinic, I was a little nervous before the treatment, but my therapist Arthi gave me all the information I needed about the processes and what I could expect.

Step one was the microdermabrasion, which gently ‘roughens up the skin’ and allows for better penetration of the laser which removes old, dead skin cells, resulting in immediate skin clarification and tone. The laser is used for skin toning which stimulates the cells deep down for long-term collagen stimulation, which is followed by an acid exfoliation. The acid exfoliation gives you a glowing complexion and youthful appearance. Arthi did one half of my face and handed me a mirror to see the difference between the treated half and the untreated half and I could instantly see a difference in the appearance of my skin.

Step two was the laser toning, which energises the skin, evens pigmentation and texture, and stimulates deep, long-term collagen production. This is where the treatment gets its name: the wand used creates a sensation that feels much like raindrops falling onto the skin. It isn’t painful, simply a light massage. The final step involves a gentle chemical peel which imparts a fresh, young radiance and silkiness to the complexion.

This was a quick, (overall 45 minutes-to-an-hour) treatment with zero downtime and immediate visible results, both short and long term in that it not only energises and beautifies the skin instantly, but also initiates a sustained process of cell rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.

Over time, and ideally with regular application, it works to reverse wrinkles, sun damage and overall skin quality. It is a popular medical procedure with visible cosmetic benefits for both men and women and is widely used for pre-weddings, make-overs, graduation and other special events which can also be performed on hands and feet. Treatments are R2100 per session.

Details: www.advancedaesthetics.co.za | @AdvancedAestheticsUmhlanga on Facebook and Instagram.