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Healing Hands – meet some of the top female medical professionals

In honour of the month dedicated to women, we’d thought we’d introduce you to some of the top female medical professionals on the North Coast . . .

Dr Kim Bishop -General practitioner

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Offering general medical care for the whole family, Dr Bishop’s special areas of interest include women and child health, nutrition, lifestyle conditions and mental health. “It is a great privilege being a doctor in private practice on the North Coast, servicing an ever-growing, dynamic population. I have a true passion for health and wellness and our main objective at Active Care is to provide quality, wholistic care for the whole family,” says Dr Bishop.
Details: Active Care Clinics Ballito Junction Regional Mall, 032 586 0949, [email protected], www.activecareclinics.co.za, follow Kim on Facebook – Dr Kim Bishop-General Practitioner – and Instagram – @dr_kim_bish

Dr Rosie Carey – General practitioner

Thrive Family Practice is a patient-centred medical practice that provides optimum care for the whole family, from newborn to grandparent. They have a holistic approach to healthcare and believe treatment should be individualised for each patient’s specific needs. “Only women can understand what it means to be a woman. I have a special interest in women’s health and wellbeing. Changing female hormones play an integral part in any woman’s wellbeing and I want to walk the path of womanhood with you, from your first period to your last. I am a proponent of preventative medicine, passionate about helping people make positive changes to their lifestyles to prevent disease.
Details: Thrive Family Practice, iZulu Office Park, Rey’s Place, Ballito, 083 3246282, [email protected] /

Dr Heather TheronGeneral practitioner

A genuine family practice established in 1974, Heather joined her father Dr Derek van Deventer in his practice in 2006. “We see and treat the whole family – from infants to the elderly – and have many multi-generational families at the practice. We are also one of the few practices that still does home visits when required.” Heather enjoys getting to know patients and their families and treating them holistically. She does extensive medicals, including ECG, screening for chronic diseases (like hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol, cancer screening) and PAP smears and procedures for skin lesions (including liquid nitrogen, electrocautery and excision).
Details: Beacon Rock Medical Centre, 21 Lighthouse Road, Umhlanga Rocks, 031 561 1281 / [email protected], www.recomed.co.za;

Heidi Allan – Audiologist and speech therapist

Heidi strongly believes in a holistic approach as, she says, hearing and communication difficulties have significant impacts on relationships, mood, health, academic and work advancement, emotional and social well-being. “Our team works together in the assessment and management of communication and balance disorders. Family and significant other also play a critical role in the management of communication difficulties.” Her team comprises three audiologists, four speech and language therapists and five administration and support staff. They see patients in consulting rooms in uMhlanga, Hillcrest and Kloof and also provide speech therapy and screening at schools.
Details: Heidi Allan: 031 566 4477, [email protected]

Lianca DookranPhysiotherapist

Established in 2012, Lianca’s physiotherapy practice has become well known for her practical, hands-on, evidence-based approach to physio. She is passionate about sports injuries, helping athletes avoid or remedy injuries. “There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to physio treatments. We use massage, needling, electrotherapy and rehabilitation.” Lianca also works with other professionals such as dietitians, biokinetists and podiatrists. “I love my profession and live for my patients. Ballito has the best people and I’m blessed with the best patients. I advocate supporting local and love the reciprocal relationship Ballito entrepreneurs create.”
Details: Unit 13 San Hall Office Park, Kirsty Close Avenue, Ballito, 032 586 3240, https://calendly.com/lianca-physio.

Dr Philippa Williams – General practitioner

Thrive Family Practice is a patient-centred medical practice that provides optimum care for the whole family. Their ethos is one of care and, as such, they strive to build trusting, empathetic and committed relationships with their patients. Dr Philippa Williams says she is passionate about treating the person as a whole by practicing mindful medicine and spending time with each and every patient.  “I believe that by getting to know my patients, prevention rather than just cure is possible. Being the mother of two small children puts me in the unique position of understanding the challenges that come with motherhood and early childhood development and I would love to be part of this exciting journey with you.”
Details: Thrive Family Practice, iZulu Office Park, Rey’s Place, Ballito, 083 327 6318; [email protected], www.thrivefamilypractice.co.za

Dr Leneque Lindeque – Specialist Obstetrician and Gynaecologist with Gynaecological Aesthetics

Dr Lindeque is a private obstetrician and gynaecologist with a special interest in aesthetic and functional gynaecology. Based at Netcare Alberlito Hospital in Ballito, she runs a busy practice caring for the well-being of women through all stages of life and provides state-of-the-art care with cutting-edge technologies and the latest medical advances. FemRegenX, the aesthetic clinic provides services to restore intimate areas after changes caused by natural birth, aging and hormonal fluctuations. The treatments provided include both non-surgical and surgical aesthetic procedures. “I became a gynaecologist for my fellow women. I am always amazed by the cycle of life. That’s what drives me. I believe aesthetic medicine aims to unite the body with the spirit and should be an individual experience for each patient.”
Details:  www.drlindeque.co.za, www.femregenx.co.za, 032 586 0723.

Dr. Pratisha Pramlall

Dr. Pratisha Pramlall is a homeopathic doctor with a Master’s Degree in homeopathy. She spent time working in India where she gained invaluable experience learning from some of the best in the field. She practices classical homeopathy with the aim of treating patients holistically and focuses on treating the root cause of the complaint. Dr Pramlall has a special interest in treating children with ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities and behavioural disorders. She also has an interest in women’s health and mental health and treats conditions such as polycystic ovarian syndrome, menstrual irregularities, endometriosis, depression and anxiety. “I love what I do because I am given an opportunity every day to help patients to improve their health on a physical, mental and emotional level.”
Details: 087 354 9043, [email protected], www.drpratishapramlall.co.za

Dr Melize de Villiers – Ballito Medical Centre

After graduating, she acquired experience while working all over the country, in both large city hospitals and small community practices, where she was exposed to different fields of medicine. During this time she completed her emergency courses, worked in GP clinics, ICU, casualty and in remote locations. She settled in Ballito in 2015 where she now enjoys being able to treat the whole community in a Family practice environment. She is a female health advocate, enjoys paediatrics, loves psychiatry and is a firm believer in good mental health and spends much focus and time on patients’ psychological well-being. She gets international experience by traveling to Ireland on a yearly basis to work there in the urgent care sector. Her hope is that patients can see her love for her career and zest for life through her daily care and dedication to them.
Details: 032 9461311,  Ballito Medical Centre, The Well, Ballito.

Dr. Joanna Skelton – Endocrinologist and Specialist Diabetologist

Dr Skelton’s areas of special interest are the diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of all types of diabetes and thyroid disorders.  “I also manage patients with parathyroid disease, osteoporosis, pituitary disorders, Addison’s disease (adrenal), menopause, polycystic ovarian syndrome, low testosterone in men and transgenderism.  I was drawn to this discipline because I am a problem-solver by nature.  My ultimate aim is to improve the quality of life and longevity of my patients, and I am passionate about the holistic approach to patient management.  I enjoy this dynamic, progressive and fascinating facet of medicine and no two days or two patients are ever the same.”
Details:  Suite 408, 4th Floor Gateway Hospital Medical Centre, Gateway Private Hospital, 031-492 1470, [email protected]

Dominique Garnett – Counselling psychologist, narrative therapist and nutritional coach

“Stories are how we understand ourselves but they can also entrap and prevent us from living a full life. What if you don’t like the story you find yourself in? And how have other people’s stories of health and wellness informed your own?” Dominique helps people seek alternate meaning and challenge their current stories, allowing them to be enlivened and open up to possibilities. “This is deeply fulfilling work for me, as I am exposed to the diversity of the stories of others. This process always inspires and confirms in me the power, beauty and resilience of the human spirit and humanity, and the power of connecting with each other. I work with individuals and families and facilitate weekly information-sharing groups as well as workshops for various audiences.”
082 859 2255, [email protected], www.dominiquegarnett.co.za

Dr Rashinta Moodley – Specialist paediatrician and paediatric nephrologist

Dr Rashinta Moodley is a specialist paediatrician managing all common illnesses in newborns up to adolescence. She consults at Life Entabeni Hospital, Life Mt Edgecombe Hospital and Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. “Being a paediatrician is especially rewarding, as one gets to spend time with and treat the tiniest little beings.” She has a further specialisation in the field of nephrology. Paediatric nephrology involves the treatment of urinary tract and kidney diseases in children and includes acute and chronic dialysis as well as kidney transplantation. She believes in prevention, early detection and appropriate management using the least invasive investigations and the use of appropriate medication for an effective and timeous recovery.
Details: Life Mount Edgecombe Hospital, 031 502 3142, Gateway Private Hospital, 031 492 2111, Entabeni Hospital, 031- 2614767, [email protected], www.durban-paediatrician.co.za

Sarisha Haripershad – Optometrist

Optometrist Sarisha Haripershad successfully runs two Torga Optical practices. She opened her first practice at Cornubia Mall in 2017 thereafter the second, at Ballito Junction Regional Mall. Sarisha worked as an optometrist for a number of years before starting her own businesses. Sarisha is married to Satish Bechoo and they have a daughter, Zara. “As an optometrist I promise to provide the best clinical eyecare in the consulting room, starting from your vision assessment, through to your eye health evaluation and finishing with holistic eyecare recommendations, tailored to your very unique, individual needs. Torga Optical Cornubia Mall and Ballito Junction are women-empowered businesses and I encourage and motivate my employees to be the best they can be.”
Details: 032 946 1416 [email protected], 031 502 1658, [email protected]

Dr Tess Blignaut – General Practitioner

Dr Tess Blignaut has a true passion for paediatrics and family-orientated health care. During her community service year she was the sole doctor running the paediatric and neonatal unit at a district hospital, along with assisting in the hospital outpatient and adult wards.  She subsequently decided to further her studies and her experience with children as a Paediatric Medical officer in Pietermaritzburg where she completed her Diploma in Child Health. She has a love for working with children, but is not limited to this. She is well rounded with her own passion in sports and exercise, just having completed her second Comrades Marathon. “My dream and vision is to achieve a holistic outlook on health care, providing compassionate and versatile care for the whole family.”
Details: 032 946 1311, Ballito Medical Centre, The Well, Ballito, [email protected]

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