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Spring clean your health – meet our top health professionals!

We love Spring! It’s all about starting fresh and new beginnings . . . but often, the one thing we forget to prioritize is our health. Here are some of the top health professionals on the North Coast who are ready and waiting to prepare for the new season.


Institute of Aesthetic Options Drip Bar Intravenous vitamin injections are all the rage. One of the most popular treatments at the Institute of Aesthetic Options, intravenous therapies are great for anyone who is constantly on-the-go or traveling as an effective way of supplementing a hectic lifestyle. Their drips contain extra high dosages of Vitamin C, minerals, antioxidants and electrolytes to boost your immune system, detoxify the body and increase strength and energy. Treatments include: Beauty drip, Beauty flush, Detox drip, Fit drip, Hangover drip, Hydrate drip, Immune booster, Libido drip, Party drip and the Slim drip.
Institute of Aesthetic Options, The Pearls, Umhlanga Rocks, 087 806 8700, 087 807 8017, [email protected], www.aestheticoptions.co.za

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Our feet and ankles are pretty important . . . yet so often neglected. Founded by the internationally-trained Dr Kevin MacIntyre, the KZN Foot and Ankle Clinic is situated at the Busamed Gateway Private Hospital. Here Dr MacIntyre focuses on sports injuries and degenerative conditions such as hallux valgus (bunions). The clinic offers the latest minimally invasive, joint sparing, conservative orthopaedic procedures. Dr MacIntyre is also currently an honorary lecturer at UKZN.
Details: KZN Foot and Ankle Clinic, Medical Centre at Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, 031 492 1470/3, 066 2714 398 (whatsapp).



We all need to make sure we have the right general practitioner for our families – and this is Dr Kim Bishop’s speciality. Her main areas of interest include women and child health, nutrition, lifestyle conditions and mental health. “It is a great privilege being a doctor in private practice on the North Coast, servicing an ever-growing, dynamic population. I have a true passion for health and wellness and our main objective at Active Care is to provide quality, wholistic care for the whole family,” says Dr Bishop.
Details: Dr Kim Bishop, general practitioner, Active Care Clinics, Ballito Junction Regional Mall, 032 586 0949, [email protected], www.activecareclinics.co.za, (FB – Dr Kim Bishop – General Practitioner, IG – @dr_kim_bish)



Being diagnosed with high blood pressure (Hypertension) can be pretty scary. Especially if you are a little apprehensive about taking medication. Why not try stop it before it starts? Speciality physician Dr Jaqueline Cindy Govender says lifestyle plays an important role in controlling your blood pressure and can help you avoid, delay or reduce the need for medication. Here are her top tips: Lose any extra weight (healthy eating and regular exercise), reduce sodium in your food, limit alcohol, quit smoking, reduce caffeine and reduce your stress levels (with things like exercise, yoga and meditation).
Details: Dr Jaqueline Cindy Govender, Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, 082 302 5888.



Growing older is a privilege not afforded to everyone and one we should be grateful for. But our ageing population cannot always be managed medically in the same way as younger adults. Geriatric care physician Dr Latasha Kalideen says older patients have physiological changes in their organ systems that require tailor made plans. “Geriatric medicine is an integral part of elder care and their sustained well-being. Preventative and anticipatory geriatric medicine is critical to enable healthy ageing and decreased health care expenditure.”
Details: Dr. Letasha Kalideen, geriatric care physician, Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, 031 492 2127, 031 492 2128.



Everyone wants a strong, healthy heart. Sadly, though, cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of morbidity and mortality worldwide. According to Busamed Gateway Private Hospital cardiologist Dr Rohan Lutchman, he often sees patients when established complications have already set in. “If you have risk factors for heart disease, or symptoms which may be suggestive, seek the advice and care of your cardiologist. Prevention and prophylaxis can help you lower your risk, and improve your heart health.”
Details: Dr Rohan Lutchman, Cardiologist, Busamed Gateway Private Hospital, 031 4922119.



We all want a great summer body, but before getting back into your active lifestyle, physiotherapist Lianca Doorkran suggests preparing your body for your exercise program. After having your doctor sign off on your health, Lianca recommends starting with a slow program, an easy walking regimen and a stretching routine. “This will help prepare you for most recreational sports, like jogging, golf and tennis. Try walking for 20 minutes every day and then up the ante each week. Don’t forget to stretch and foam roll! After a month of conditioning, you’ll have built up enough flexibility and endurance to move forward! Details: Lianca Dookran, physiotherapist, San Hall Office Park, Ballito, 032 586 3240 (or book online: https://calendly.com/lianca-physio/1hour)

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