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Win a copy of Get Me to 21

Painful. Honest. Utterly heartbreaking. You’ll read every page of Get Me to 21– all 436 of them – with your heart in your mouth. It’s Gabi Lowe’s agonizing, courageous story about
trying to save her daughter’s life. Jenna – who became the face of organ donors in South Africa with her #GeMeTo21 campaign – was young and bright, and had a rare, degenerative lung disease, which took her life four months before her 21st birthday.

An extraordinary tribute to an extraordinary young girl, written by a brave mother who is helping others facing loss, pain, challenges and adversity. MFBooks/Jacana, R265.

To win a copy of this incredible story, simply fill in the form below:

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Competition closes: 30 October 9 am

Good Luck!

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