21 November 

The IIE Vega School is celebrating it’s 21-year legacy with 21 Mavericks which will be on display at Vega School on Thursday 21 November, 6pm to 9pm and Friday, 9am to 12pm.

Vega has for 21 years produced students that can be described as Mavericks; 100% idea-fed, free from generic solutions with guaranteed innovation. To celebrate the success IIE Vega graduates have had in the industry, the campus principal, Naretha Pretorius, delivered 21 Mavericks to her past students. The hand-picked companies and IIE Vega alumni were excited by this surprise visit, only to realise they have a task to complete; to take the bull by the horns and to creatively express their unorthodox, free-range thoughts. They were given 21 days to complete the task, where the Maverick bulls will be collected and exhibited at the annual Vega Showcase on 21 November, along with the student work.

“This is like Creative Development all over again!” said an excited Martin Pace from Dutch Ink, class of 2009.

Come look what our local maverick Shaun Oakley a.k.a Damn Vandal came up with.

Pretorius got to reconnect with over 40 alumni in two days doing the deliveries, the selected companies included Wisdom and Youth, Ogilvy, The Hardy Boys, The Niche Guys, FCB, Derivco, Barrows Global, Red Bull SA, The 13 th Floor, Gorilla Creative Media, FMI, The Sharks, Mr Price Group, with the biggest tribe of Mavericks at TBWA Hunt Lascaris. Pretorius also delivered to companies founded by Vega alumni; Damn Vandal, Conversation Lab, Feral Child, Durbanite and Coffee Creative.

The final delivery, Maverick number 21 was proudly handed over to current students, the
gold Loeries Award winners (Roxy Schoon, Justine Clyde and Amy Tjasink) and the students who came up with the maverick concept (Rachel St Leger-Denny, Brett Morgan and Bibi Ayesha Humayraa). The Mavericks were produced and sponsored by Barrows Global.

Details: [email protected] or 031 569 1415




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