Activated Charcoal – what’s the deal?


It’s a trend that has taken the beauty industry by storm and a buzzword you will find everywhere – in scrubs, shampoos, face masks and even toothpaste! Worthy of all the fuss? Or just another skincare fad?

We asked the ladies from Hey Gorgeous at La Lucia Mall what their take on the activated charcoal trend is and they gave us the professional low-down.

First off, they say, the black miracle worker is not a new phenomenon – it has been around for centuries, which is generally a good sign that it’s not all fancy marketing words and clever branding. So, what is it exactly? Unlike the stuff we throw on the braai over the weekend, activated charcoal is different. Usually, wood is turned to charcoal using high heat before the final step (this is the activated-part) of oxidation. Activated charcoal has a sponge-like quality that can draw out chemicals and impurities, making it a potent tool for your skin/haircare needs.

1. It’s a ‘hoover’ for your skin
Pores clog, grime builds up, breakouts hit hard and hair becomes limp, lank and greasy. Activated charcoal has the power to pull out all of the yucky stuff causing these issues. Oils, dirt, bacteria and impurities are drawn to the surface of your skin and into the charcoal, then rinsed away, leaving you with a fresh canvas ready to absorb all the good stuff from the rest of your skincare routine.
2. It keeps breakouts under control
Antibacterial? Check. Anti-fungal? Check. Impurity-fighting? Check. Pore-cleansing? Check. Exfoliator? Check again. Activated charcoal ticks a whole lot of the anti-acne boxes. If you are struggling with acne or are prone to the odd, pesky breakout – activated charcoal might be just the helping hand you need.
3. It gives you bounce!
Need to add a kick of healthy volume to your limp, flat hair? Enough dirt and oil will cause your hair to sag, leaving it looking tired and dull. Activated charcoal hair care products will have your hair gunk-free by drawing out grease and grime. Your scalp gets some love too, as the natural ingredient helps sooth itchiness, redness, oiliness and dandruff.

Hey Gorgeous has a wide range of activated charcoal products, including facial scrubs, conditioners, shampoos, detoxifying cleansers and face masks.

Details: Hey Gorgeous, La Lucia Mall: 064 870 7030, [email protected]