Ready for take-off!

Portrait of a young happy family with two children packing for holiday at home.

Whether you’re planning to go skiing in the snowy Swiss Alps or sipping on cocktails on an Instagram-worthy beach in Bali – the long-awaited December holidays are finally here! Check out these great travel tips to make sure your getaway is as picture-perfect as you imagined!

1. Check your documents. Your passport must be valid for at least six months after the date of your return flight. If you are travelling on a ‘green mamba’ (SA passport), check that you have all the necessary visas for transits, stop-overs and port entries. Leave copies of these documents with your relatives in case of unexpected events.
2. Travel insurance policy. It’s not worth skipping travel insurance to save a couple of bucks. Read the fine print and, if you are going skiing, make sure to check any potential skiing accidents will be covered.
3. Travelling with children? You will need an unabridged birth certificate or the new birth certificate containing the details for both parents. Additional documents might be necessary such as a parental consent affidavit. Double check that you have all the necessary paperwork on the Department of Home Affairs website:
4. Rent your own wheels. If you are not in the mood for over-crowded public transport or potentially dodgy cab drivers, pack your credit card, valid driver’s licence and international driver’s licence (if you are driving outside of SA). Remember, not every country drives on the left side like we do – make sure you are on the right side (you know what we mean) and find out about the traffic rules, speed limits and compulsory documents needed in the car.
5. Have all your shots in a row. Check that all necessary inoculation cards and vaccinations are up to date and pack a supply of precautionary/chronic medicine – do not assume you will find the meds you might need on your vacay.
6. Strap on your money belt! It might not be the most stylish accessory, but it is a great safety option and will avoid the major headache of dealing with all the bureaucracy that comes with being a victim of pickpockets.
7. Plug in universally. You don’t want to get stuck with a dying phone and no way to plug in your charger, so invest in a good universal adapter.
8. Go easy on the liquids. Keep your LAG (liquids, aerosols and gels) and powders to a minimum in your hand luggage – no more than 100mls each is allowed. You don’t want to have to leave your treasured bottle of Dior j’adore at the boarding gate!
9. Be an early bird. Avoid long queues and disappointment by booking your planned must-do excursions before you leave home. You might also score a discount…
10. Keep calm and travel happy. Accept that delays and unexpected events might happen during peak season and understand that airport and airline staff are under a lot of pressure. A relaxed attitude and a smile can go a long way.

Tips supplied by Flight Centre, La Lucia Mall.
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