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The gift of giving

One of the best things about the festive season, especially if you celebrate Christmas, is seeing the look on your loved one’s face when they open the gifts you’ve carefully chosen and gift-wrapped for them.

Hello Darling owner Casey-lee

They say giving is better than receiving and this certainly seems to be the case for Ballito’s Casey-lee Hardy who is passionate about people and celebrating life. Casey-lee’s business, Hello Darling, aims to help people give thoughtful, bespoke gifts for different occasions. She shares some advice for choosing the right gift for the right person this festive season.
“The holiday season is fast approaching and it’s all fun and games until you sit down to write your gift shopping list and realise you have no ideas what to buy for everyone! It can be quite stressful choosing thoughtful gifts for your loved ones when there are so many people to buy for, so many options to choose from, and so little time. It’s one thing to just pick a gift and give it, but it’s another to make it personal to each person.”

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So how do you find the right gift for the right person? Casey-lee suggests sitting down and really giving thought to each person and what they would want (rather than what you want!). Is there something they’ve been desperately needing? What would be useful to them, taking into consideration their lifestyle, hobbies and habits. Listen to hints (we all make them).

You might give a personalised gin glass to your gin-loving best friend, or a Turkish cotton towel to your sister who is going on a beach holiday after Christmas . . . but maybe reconsider giving a box of chocolates to your colleague who is trying to lose a few kilos! “Something that we can all do is to make the gift an experience – from the presentation and the message on the card, to the items inside and even using them afterwards. There are many beautiful ways to wrap your gifts and this also depends on the person you’re gifting. Your kids might love the standard Christmas or Paw Patrol wrapping paper with a big bow, whereas you might consider brown paper, some twine string and a sprig of rosemary for your friend. Another great trend is to place your gift inside a gift box, wrap it up with a big satin ribbon and place a candy cane or their favourite flower on top. When wrapping gifts, I would suggest sticking to one colour palette as this will help when choosing your wrapping materials.”

A few other gift-buying tips we found . . .
– Do some online stalking! See what they ‘like’ and ‘share’ on social media and check out their Pinterest account!
– Go back to the past . . . find something that might be sentimental to them and remind them of the ‘good old days’. Can anyone say ‘Friends’ T-shirt?!
– Give an experience instead of an actual gift – tickets to a show, cooking lessons, a voucher to a restaurant they’ve been wanting to check out . . . the options are endless!

About Hello Darling
Created by Ballito’s Casey-lee Hardy, Hello Darling has a range of bespoke ready-made gift boxes that are filled with wonderful treats and spoils to suit every taste. From yummy things like handmade granola, raw honey and locally blended coffee to gorgeous gifts like 100% cotton Turkish hand towels and fabulous bath goodies. You can also build your own box using a wide range of items.

Details: www.hellodarlingpackages.co.za

Text: Leah Shone

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