The exams are over … the pressure and stress done for the year. Yay! And now you’re wanting to party. We totally get that. And we want you to have the best time and only take home good memories after Matric Rage.

According to the experts at ADT, every year there are reports of deaths and injuries at end-of-exam parties caused by road accidents, excessive drinking, drug overdosing and other avoidable acts. Theft and vandalism is also too often an occurrence at these parties. So take note of these easy tips for those of you heading to your Matric Rage …

Before leaving your accommodation for the day or night…

  1. Ensure that anything valuable is locked away in a drawer or safe.

2. Never carry large amounts of cash or go out wearing flashy or expensive jewellery.

3. If your accommodation is a holiday house or apartment, make sure all the doors are locked, the windows are properly shut and that the alarm is activated if a system is installed.

While out partying…

1. When out at different events and activities, be aware of your surroundings and arrange with your friends to keep an eye on each other and your belongings.

2. If you are approached by a suspicious individual; walk away and report it to the closest security or to the police.

3. Do not accept drinks from strangers and do not leave your drinks unattended. Spiking of drinks is still rife.

Leaving the party…

  1. Never leave without your friends.

2. Do not accept a lift from a stranger; rather use transport provided by the event organisers.

3. Driving after a few drinks is never an option. Call a cab or use event shuttles if they are available instead. Consider appointing a designated driver or someone who agrees not to drink and will be responsible for getting everyone home safely.