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Age with grace AND good health

We all want to look and feel good as we get older, but most of us just don’t know how. North Coast lifestyle and wellness coach Sharon Castle ‘walks the talk’ when it comes to ageing gracefully, healthily and happily. We asked her to share some nuggets of wisdom.

Ageing doesn’t mean you have to get sick, old, stubborn and cranky! This, Sharon says, is something she promised herself a long time ago. “I vowed to live a vital life, filled with adventure wherever possible and I like to give it my best shot!”

It’s hard to believe that Sharon, who always seems to glow with enthusiasm and life and is the picture of health and wellness, is in her 60’s. “It is such a privilege to have reached this age. Making a decision to enjoy each simple moment has become a choice that I am very glad I made many years ago. My mantra of ‘being okay with whatever shows up’ has kept me grounded and real while helping me live a life that I love. For a long time now, people have continued to ask me what I do to maintain my good health, strong body and positive mindset so here it is…”

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My three daily non-negotiables:

1. Good food choices. I stock my fridge with quality organic food as much as I can. Of course, I love treats as much as anyone, and I have them on occasion, but feeling good is far more important to me than brief moments of gratification. High quality choice has become my default (this includes good quality supplements as part of my daily nutritional choices).
2. Exercise. We are designed to move our bodies, so I do, every day. Nowadays I choose more passive and gentle exercise with some weight training in between. Muscle memory is a real thing and because I have always loved to move my body, it’s become a habit that my body loves and enjoys. I consider it vital to get out into nature regularly and love walking on the beach or around my neighbourhood enjoying the beautiful surroundings.
3. Meditation. This has to be the single most powerful decision I have ever made. I have been meditating for 29 years. At first, I wasn’t consistent, but for several years now I have been meditating daily, sometimes twice a day.

Karien van der Wal is Sharon’s personal trainer and keeps her on her toes at the Upstart Functional Training Centre in Ballito.

A few other things . . .

1. Cultivate good family relationships and be a good friend. When it comes to feeling happy, I believe that ‘no man is an island’ and without love in your life it becomes a challenge to feel happy. I am a wife, mother and grandmother and my family give me great joy. We are in regular contact, even though they do not live close by. I include my dog in my important relationships – he has a beautiful gentle and healing nature.

2. Give to your community. I have been blessed with an abundance and it is a joy to serve the community in an unconditional way, when I am called to do that.

3. Spirituality is key. There is an intelligence behind life and my life’s work is about sharing and teaching how to experience this incredible connection that everyone has access to.

4. Read, write, dance and sing. They are all spiritual acts for me and I give 100% to each of these endeavours, whenever I get the chance.

5. Let go and keep trying. “We are all human and sometimes I slip up, but letting go of the need to impress anyone and not to worry about the opinions of others has probably been my biggest and most powerful decision, above all else.

Details: Sharon Castle Coaching: www.sharoncastlecoaching.com; [email protected]

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