Most cats go bonkers for wet food – they purr and schmooze and shower you with love as soon as you hold that sachet in your hand. But how much of the good stuff is too much? Should it just be a special spoil or a daily treat?

Stock up on those sachets and enjoy the extra dose of food-time cuddles as research conducted by the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition[1] found that a combination of wet and dry food is best for your cat’s health. This is why:

Dry food:

  1. Supports natural eating habits: Leave your puddy tat’s bowl filled with dry food for all-day tasting sessions. Most cats are grazers. By placing dry food out for your cat during the day, they can eat at their leisure without the food spoiling.
  2. Cleans those pearly whites: Dry food is abrasive and helps remove plaque from your cat’s teeth.

Wet food:

  1. Every drop counts: Wet food provides your cat with more moisture and ensures they enjoy the benefits of a higher daily water intake, thereby increasing urine volume and dilution to help promote urinary tract health.
  2. More meat for your carnivore: thanks to the real meat content, your cat will benefit from those healthy minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.

Whiskas suggests one third dry cat food with two thirds wet food daily – for both kittens and older cats. Remember, that even with a combination of wet and dry food, your cat’s diet plans will change based on their age, weight and breed.