Spekkies are all the rage and everyone is planting the little climate-saving plants as part of the #SpekboomChallenge – a phenomenon that has gone viral in the name of saving the planet.

The Brettenwood Coastal Estate team accepted Simbithi Estate’s nomination for the ‘Spekboom Challenge’ and planted ten of these incredible plants near the Brettenwood Homeowners Association (BHOA) offices. The planting was done on behalf of the BHOA and Home and Country Property, the Brettenwood sales and rental team.

Why the #SpekboomChallenge? This began after Boplaas Family Vineyards in Calitzdorp joined the fight for climate change by urging others to take the step with them and plant a Spekboom. Here are some reasons why you should plant one too:

1. Spekboom absorbs the highest amount of carbon dioxide when compared to any other plant in existence

2. They are highly water-wise, needing up to half the water of other plants to survive.

3. They can live up to 200 years and have the ability to adapt to their surroundings.