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Stand tall & be beautiful…

Being a teenager can be confusing and difficult – especially when it comes to building your self-confidence and learning to find your own style. Ballito image consultant Wendy Hind is passionate about helping teen girls feel comfortable in their own skin.

When it comes to beauty, it’s all about confidence, character and charisma. Walk tall, believe in yourself, laugh lots, have integrity, be authentic and be kind. Remember that no beauty shines brighter than that of a good heart.”

Ballito-based image consultant Wendy Hind helps teen girls find their confidence and build their own unique style.

This is the ethos and focus that drives Wendy as she helps young girls feel good about themselves and the overall image they are projecting. “Many teen girls constantly strive for perfection – the perfect skin, wardrobe, figure, hair style, outfit . . . the perfect Insta-post . . . and the list goes on. They also struggle to find clothing, often being forced to shop in the ‘teen’ section where there isn’t a wide enough (or very inspirational) selection available to them. What seems appropriate for a 13-year-old is often very different to that of a 19-year-old. Needless to say, the pressure and fashion frustrations when it comes to images in the 13 to 19-year-old age group is very, very real!”

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Wendy emphasises that beauty isn’t about looking perfect, but rather about finding your personal style, knowing what colours, styles, fabrics and fits best suit you and then celebrating your uniqueness. “From a young age, girls need to understand that it’s not about being super-tall, super-successful, super-skinny or super good-looking. It’s about using what you already have (all your unique and beautiful assets) to raise your personal impact. Girls need to know when skirts or shorts are just too short, when too much midriff is exposed, that transparent isn’t cool and overly applied makeup isn’t painting a pretty picture for them, etc.”

Wendy’s teen fashion must-haves:
• Classic blue denim jacket. Wear it over a dress, a skirt and top, a vest and denim combo, with formal attire, or even as a buttoned-up jacket with a black pair of denims.
• Basic vest (black or white or both). A key item to help co-ordinate a teen’s wardrobe, good for layering and so easy to accessorise.
• Denim shorts. Know what length suits you best. Team with a white crop top, a cap and sneakers!
• Striped simple crop top (if your tummy allows you to). Team with denims and keep accessories to a minimum.
• Arm candy. Think leather bands, braided bracelets, chunky jewelled bangles, wooden bangles, beaded bracelets, charm bracelets, wristlets, shell bracelets and more! Arm candies have a super stylish layering effect, adding character to any plain outfit.
• A girly dress (at least one). Floral patterns, pink or lavender hues and frills or lace work best. Wear as it is in the hot summery months, or dress up with jackets, stockings, leggings and more on chilly days.

A classic blue denim jacket is a must-have item!

Wendy’s beauty advice:
• For hair, take into consideration the shape of your face when choosing a hairstyle. Messy is in at the moment, so if you have long hair ditch the flat iron and scrunch, twist, curl, plait and be playful with quick and easy up-styles!
• When it comes to skin care, understand your skin type, support local brands and, of course, anti-animal cruelty for the win! Remember that skin care and makeup go hand-in-hand and it is important at a young age for girls to be introduced to a good skin care regime. Clean, tone and moisturise, daily.
• Teen makeup application should be an easy and simple process. An essential tip to remember is that less is always more! The overall effect should be kept youthful and fresh, without looking too ‘made up’. Foundation, blusher, mascara and lipstick are all you need for a natural, less made-up look.

Wendy’s goal, she says, is always to work with you to spruce up your overall image and create a wardrobe that really works well for your figure, your personality, your lifestyle, your age and your budget. When it comes to working with young girls, she offers a variety of empowering, educating and uplifting motivational image workshops, group and personal consultations, shopping appointments and personal (or mom and daughter) shopping appointments.

Details: Wendy Hind, 082 560 8699, [email protected]


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