Dream on little one…


Cuddly lion cubs, friendly foxes and dancing unicorns are sure to sprinkle fairy dust on your baby and keep him or her company as they drift into dreamland. These magical creatures are created by Eshowe-based photographer, Lisa Marie Isaacs, who found a niche market while preparing for her first little bundle of joy, Noah Peter.

As soon as Lisa Marie found out she and her husband were expecting their first born, she started planning the nursery. When it came to adding that final touch, she discovered a new talent and passion which led to the start of her own baby business, Little Dreamer Mobiles.

How did you discover your mobile-making skills?
When I decided on a woodlands themed nursery, I soon realised that finding décor to suit the theme was really difficult and the only way I was going to get what I wanted would be to make it myself. A woodlands themed baby mobile was a must, so I started with that. I so enjoyed the whole process of putting the mobile together, from cutting out the patterns to assembling the final pieces. I had found a new passion. I just wanted to keep going, designing and creating more amazing pieces. I realized there must be other moms out there looking for a unique mobile for their nursery, and that’s when it all became real.

What do you love most about the mobiles you make?
It is my hope that these little mobiles will become a special and sentimental keepsake for moms and their babies. A beautiful item that can be passed down or saved as a reminder of a truly special time. I hand-make every little creature myself with the hope that it will be cherished for many years.

Why do you believe a mobile is a must for a nursery?
I think mobiles are essential as the different textures, shapes and colours provide visual stimulation and aid in brain development. It may also help develop hand-eye coordination and motor skills as baby reaches out for them. Not to mention that they are so sweet to look at!

What advice do you have for expecting moms when it comes to getting the nursery ready?
Do a little bit of research on what you will need for your nursery. It is so easy to get caught up with all the bits and bobs out there, when really all you need are a couple of essentials. Preparing a space in your home for your little one is so exciting, so enjoy the time planning and decorating your baby’s room and add a special keepsake item. Take it all in, get creative and have fun with it.

Details: Instagram: @little.dreamers.mobiles

Text: Elana Wagner