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Whether you run a massive corporation or own a small start up business, the people who work for you can ultimately make or break your business. What better reason is there then to ensure that your staff are happy, motivated and focused?

There is no time like the present to set new goals for your company and plan for the year ahead. Part of this planning, says Wally Pelser from The Ventures Group, should include a form of team building and ‘people development’. He answered some questions for us as to why . . .

1. tell us about the value of team building for companies?
A company’s most valuable asset and the costliest or most time-consuming aspect to replace, is the people. Retention and development of your staff or workforce is essential to stay ahead in business. Recognition trumps reward in most cases and people are emotionally bound to their work environment. Nothing improves the success of a business than happy people who feel valued and experience personal growth in a positive environment.
2. What are the top benefits of team building exercises?
Team skills (and concepts like mutual trust, open communication, leadership and constructive conflict resolution) and a better understanding and tolerance of colleagues’ psychological behaviour and their different perceptions.
3. How do you know what type of team building would suit your business?
The client or company needs to determine what their goals are and what they want to achieve from the experience. It’s best to speak to an experienced team building provider who can professionally structure something for you. There are different types of team building interventions in the industry, which can set teambuilding apart from just fun and games to ‘real’ or ‘purist’ teambuilding which has also evolved from the belief that teams can only be built by putting people into near impossible situations to actually focus less on the end goal but rather the journey to get there. These changes include concepts such as ‘challenge by choice’ activities – which often incorporate adventure activities or the more popular phase we find ourselves in now – where clients want something new according to their tastes and preferences. We have interestingly seen a huge shift towards incorporating technology into programmes that actively engage the participants, include real work-like scenarios and target all aspects of the task at hand. The industry has thus evolved, becoming extremely professional and relevant.

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One of the best ways to improve productivity in your business is to ensure that your staff are motivated, positive and able to communicate and collaborate. A team building session is a great way to ensure this.


Team Attitude’s purpose is to create an environment whereby your team players can learn and apply winning attitudes and embrace new skillsets, all while having fun together and experiencing success as a team. We focus both on personal and team growth in line with your company’s purpose.
Details: 063 843 3415, [email protected],




For the best team builds, birthday parties, or quick ‘arrive and drive’ go kart races, Ace Karting is the place to go! All safety gear and training is provided and there are friendly staff and affordable rates. Find them on parking level 3 (yellow) outside entrance 3 at The Ballito Junction Regional Mall. They are open daily from 9am to 6pm. Book your special day now!
Details: 082 867 9955




Whether you choose to SUP, surf or bodyboard, you can have loads of fun and make a difference to the environment at the same time. Educate your team to #justbegin their eco-journey and create a positive experience for your brand with Blue Betty by booking a fun team building session on the water today!
Details: [email protected] 0795144875




Clubventure offers team building for large or small groups. Your team will experience a fun-filled day with practical team building and team bonding outcomes. Packages can be tailor made to suit your requirements. Get in touch with the team at Clubventure and ‘build the team and live the dream’!
Details: 032 942 8014, 082 414 2448,




Infinite Adventures offers a wide variety of packages geared towards ensuring that every member of your team gets the most out of the experience. Great for boosting morale, teamwork and communication, they offer their clients a one hundred percent satisfaction guarantee!
Details: www.infiniteadventures.co.za,
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Wally’s company, The Venture Group, has been operating since 1994 and he has been in the team building industry for over 30 years. TVG is a preferred supplier to many venues, offering a wide range of teambuilding and people development interventions across the country, incorporating fun indoor, outdoor, technology, creative and/or customised packages.
Details: 0861 Teambuild (0861 8326 284),
031 701 2845, [email protected], [email protected]

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