With schools closed, a travel ban in place and all gatherings of more than a 100 people prohibited, South Africans are urged to stay at home and practice social distancing in the country’s fight against Coronovirus. That means your kids will have a lot of time cooped up at home…

Try out these five ways to keep children entertained and educated at home during the Coronavirus shutdown:

  1. Create a daily or weekly schedule with your children in mind. With your help, they can create one too! For the children, this is a great example and also an opportunity to learn to follow a schedule of their own.
  2. Even if you are not going out to the office, get dressed and do the same with the children. The idea of working while wearing pyjamas may sound great, but it communicates to your brain that you are ready to rest. Getting dressed as if you were going to the office can make a big difference in your energy level and attitude.
  3. Puzzles, board games and books are excellent ways to keep children occupied at home. Avoid simply giving them the iPad and letting them use it all day. The same goes for TV and video games. You can help them learn a new language or research a new country.
  4. Listen to an audiobook. If your children are too young to read independently, pick up audio versions of their favourite books. Let them sit down and turn the pages while listening to a friendly voice reading to them. Or, if you can’t find a recording, use your phone to make one yourself.
  5. You can even make your kids help you with the chores around the house, such as giving a hand when you bake or cook. This is also an interactive way to bond with them and know what their interests are.