27 March

Not a lot of gin producers can claim to be the first and original London Dry Gin, and host South Africa’s FIRST Virtual Happy Hour, but Greenall’s Gin and the Greenall’s Gin Ready to Drink serves are the exception to this. Join in Greenall’s Virtual Happy Hour every Friday, starting 27 March from 6-7pm which will be live on most social media channels.

Try out these cocktail recipes to make at home:

Greenall Basil Gin Smash

Glass: Tumbler – Filled with cubed ice

Method: Shaken with ice and strain


4 Basil Leaves

12.5ml Freshly Pressed Ginger Juice

12.5ml Elderflower Syrup

17.5ml Freshly Pressed Lemon Juice

50ml Greenall’s Gin

Garnish: Fresh basil and ginger slice


Grapefruit Martini

Glass: Martini – Pre-Chilled in the Fridge

Method: Shaken with ice and strain into a martini glass


4-6 Mint Leaves

20ml Honey Water

12.5ml Lime Juice

75ml Freshly Pressed Pink Grapefruit Juice

50ml Greenall’s Gin

Garnish: Grapefruit zest


Wild Berry G&T

Glass: Wine or Copa Glass

Method: Lightly crushed build


4 Raspberries

4 Blackberries

12.5ml Cranberry Juice

50ml Greenall Wild Berry Gin

Top Sugar Free Tonic

Garnish: Berries

Details: Greenall’s Gin