Bringing business home…


When the whole world is called to stay at (and work from) home, functional and inviting home office spaces suddenly become crucial. We caught up with two North Coast moms and interior designers, who recently created an inspiring office space in a local home.

Having both worked and travelled abroad extensively, Dandelion Designs owners Caryn Overton and Katherine McIntosh have a wealth of experience and skill in the art of making a space both functional and beautiful.

When the two met in Mtunzini in 2014 and then decided to join forces in 2016, they quickly realised how their unique strengths were able to complement each other. “We have a shared work ethic and passion for what we do. Our different styles and strengths allow for a fuller understanding and interpretation of what our clients want. We work together on all our projects,” says Caryn.
As working mothers, both say owning their own business is a blessing, allowing them the flexibility they need to be able to be involved and present in their kids’ lives.

One of their most recent projects was a revamp of a home office for a working mother who owns a beautiful ladies active wear brand. A surfer who is passionate about the ocean, the client wanted to create an inspiring and calming home office that could double as a small showroom for her range. “Drawing inspiration from the ocean, we found this amazing wall mural, which made our client feel like she was literally in her ‘happy place’… at back line on a surfboard,” says Caryn. “We wanted the space to be beautiful but also completely functional. We worked with the client and a local furniture manufacturer (Howie & Co) to design two lovely storage units with hanging rails to display her range, as well as shelves for personal photos and special items.” The team re-sanded the beautiful parquet floors and added a huge cork wall for her to use as her ‘think wall’ for brainstorming new ranges and adding inspirational quotes and images. They also added a big Ficus plant to give the feeling of bringing nature indoors. “The project had to be very carefully organized and installed, as the client needed to be working throughout the process.

Dandelion’s top tips for a home office space:
When planning your home office, take time to ask yourself these five very important questions:
1. Where are you going to have your home office set up?
This needs to be an area that is (preferably) away from your living spaces (bedroom, lounge, kitchen) to allow for little distraction when working. This also helps to separate downtime from work time. If we have our offices near living areas, you may be tempted to ‘just quickly check your email’ or ‘just finish that one task’. There also needs to be sufficient electrical supplies and good WiFi reception in this area.
2. What are all the practical items you require in your work space?
Do you need a computer or laptop? A printer? Stationery, a diary and a desk planner? Keep these to the absolute ‘must haves’ to ensure you keep your office space clear and uncluttered.
3. What will you be doing in your office?
Are you a creative who needs areas to doodle, make notes and pin ideas? Do you have samples you need on hand? Do you need to have access to files through out the day? Do you need a calender or scheduling board? This will affect how you plan your space and storage.
4. Will you be having online meetings?
This will determine your office backdrop, which will need to be clean and professional.
5. What inspires you?
This will help with creating a space that makes you feel motivated and comfortable.

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