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Don’t skip book club…

Order novels online and then Facetime or Houseparty … great fun!

Ellie is perfectly happy, living a quiet life with her husband, Clive. Well, she does sometimes wonder about the way he talks to her, and about all the things she hasn’t yet achieved. But she’s happy enough. Dan is definitely content. He has a predictable, ordered existence, making harps in his isolated barn on Exmoor, and he’s more than happy being on his own, far away from other people and, crucially, far away from any risk of surprises. Then a chance meeting changes everything. Ellie and the Harp Maker is an enchanting, endearing story … perfect for a lazy afternoon read. R195. • When Katie Straw’s body is pulled from the waters of the local suicide spot, the police decide it’s an open-and-shut case. A standard-issue female suicide. But the residents of Widringham women’s refuge, where Katie worked, don’t agree. They say it’s murder. Jessica Moor’s Keeper is a feminist thriller that asks what justice looks like in a system blinkered by prejudice, a literary page-turner about a crime as shocking as it is commonplace. R290 • One son lied. One son died. Alice’s son is dead. Indigo’s son is accused of murder. But Indigo is determined to prove her beloved Kane is innocent. Searching for evidence, she’s helped by a kind stranger who takes an interest in her situation. Little does she know that her new friend, Alice, has her own agenda. Alice obviously can’t tell Indigo who she really is, but she wants to understand why her son was killed, and she needs to make sure that Indigo’s efforts to free Kane don’t put her remaining family at risk. But how long will it take for Indigo to discover her identity? And what other secrets will come out as she digs deeper? No one knows a son like his mother. But neither Alice nor Indigo know the whole truth about their boys, and what happened between them on that fateful night. Emily Koch’s Keep Him Close is a great psychological thriller about love, hate and forgiveness. R290. • Micah Mortimer isn’t the most polished person you’ll ever meet. He measures out his days running errands for work, maintaining an impeccable cleaning regime and going for runs (7.15, every morning). He’s content with the steady balance of his life. But then the order of things starts to tilt. His woman friend Cassia (he refuses to call anyone in her late thirties a ‘girlfriend’) tells him she’s facing eviction because of a cat. Then a teenager shows up at Micah’s door claiming to be his son, a surprise Micah seems poorly equipped to handle. Redhead by the Side of the Road is an intimate look into the heart and mind of a man who sometimes finds those around him just out of reach – and a love story about the differences that make us all unique. R290.
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The FAT bastard Chenin Blanc 2018 was blended from a a selection of the best wine from the year’s ripe harvest, and is described as ‘a taste of sunshine’. All juicy yellow peach, vanilla and fresh lime, we’re drinking it at this month’s book club.

Let’s face it, we all need a ray of sunshine in our lives right now. Lovely with a prawn curry or a smoked salmon dish. Between around R85 and R95 from you local wine store.

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Physics genius Caro Kerber-Murphy knows she’s smart. With straight As and a college scholarship already in the bag, she’s meeting her two dads’ colossal expectations and then some. But there’s one test she’s never quite been able to ace. Love. Then, in a particularly desperate moment, Caro discovers a (definitely questionable) scientific breakthrough that promises to make you irresistible to everyone around you. Could this, she wonders, be the key? What happens next will change everything Caro thought she knew about chemistry – in the lab and in love. By Comedy Women in Print prize-winner Laura Steven, The Love Hypothesis is a LGBT romantic comedy with a twist. R140 • Twenty years ago, Abigail Sorenson’s brother, Robert, went missing one day before her sixteenth birthday, never to be seen again. That same year, she began receiving scattered chapters in the mail from a mysterious guidebook, whose anonymous authors promised to make her life soar to heights beyond her wildest dreams. Now, two decades after receiving those first pages, Abi is invited to learn ‘the truth’ about the book. It’s an opportunity too intriguing to refuse. What follows in Jaclyn Moriarty’s Gravity Is The Thing is an entirely unexpected journey of discovery that will change Abi’s life. R330 • Beautiful, rich and popular, Anna K lives and plays in the dizzying heights of New York’s Upper East Side, where privilege, partying and scandal rule. Anna knows every rule by heart – and takes care to maintain her status as the perfect girlfriend, daughter and student. Then a chance encounter at Grand Central station with notorious playboy Alexi ‘Count’ Vronsky changes everything. Anna knows she needs to avoid Alexi, but sometimes fate has other plans. Soon Anna finds it impossible to resist him, and finds herself willing to risk everything she has to be with him – no matter the consequences. A lovely new read by Jenny Lee. R175.

Compiled by: KYM ARGO

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