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Mindful movement in Mayhem

When a worldwide pandemic sends life as we know it to hell in a (sanitized) handbasket, the only thing left to do is breathe…keep moving…and remain mindful that this too shall pass. Salt Rock yoga guru and founder of The Mindful Movement, Tasia Dellis shares some wisdom on staying calm amidst the chaos.

With a commerce degree and a corporate job working for Africa’s largest retailer, Tasia had no idea that her path was going to change dramatically when she went to her first yoga class ten years ago in Cape Town. “I was instantly hooked and began to experience the powerful and practical healing benefits of integrating mindful movement, breath-work and meditation into my life. This physical and, more importantly, inward transformation left me inspired to share the gift with others.” She completed her first teacher-training course in 2015, left her corporate job a year later and started The Mindful Movement in 2017.

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Why is breath-work important and how does it differ from meditation?
We go through most of our day not giving our breath much thought, but it is the very thing keeping us alive. Checking in with the quality of your breath can have a dramatic impact on your overall holistic health. Breathing practices are on the rise. This is because, unlike meditation where we are aware of our mental chatter, breath-work allows us to disconnect from the mind and reconnect with our body and energy. From this elevated state of awareness, we are able to heal, grow, and expand. Breathe-work is a great tool to pull out when you’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed or off-centre.

Who can benefit from breath-work?
There is a misconception that healing arts are for individuals who are struggling or suffering. And yes, breath-work is very supportive for stress, tension, anxiety, depression, fear, grief, sadness, anger, trauma and insomnia. It is, however, also nourishing for someone who is doing well and feels ready for the next layer of love, peace, gratitude, clarity, connection, and insight.

You’ve been offering lockdown virtual Move With Me classes. What advice would you give someone who is anxious or embarrassed to join an online class?
Start by checking if the class is suitable for all body types and fitness levels. An experienced teacher or instructor will be able to modify a class for all levels. Be honest and communicate if you have any injuries or major concerns before you start the class. I always keep my students’ video and audio off during a group class so that no one can see you. So, you can feel free to roll out of bed and jump onto the Zoom class, if you wish. I personally do this to minimise any external distractions and support the students in cultivating a deeper mindfulness practice.

Can kids join in too?
Yes! I one hundred percent encourage getting the whole family involved, especially children! Learning the art of attention and self-awareness is such a beautiful holistic gift and benefit of yoga, something that will stay with you and your family long after you roll up your mat.

Tasia is offering exclusive, free, online classes twice a week for our Get It readers for the month of June!
Join the 45-minute breath-work, yoga and a short meditation Instagram Live class at 7am on Mondays and 4.30pm on Wednesdays. While the class is free, Tasia is collecting donations on a pay-as-you-can basis for the Durban-based Orenda Foundation’s One Drop Project to help give under-resourced communities the opportunity to have safe drinking, cooking and cleaning water.

Details: https://www.themindfulmovement.co.za/, email: [email protected] or Instagram: @themindful_movement

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