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A Daddy’s love

Very few things compare to being wrapped in a gigantic hug or receiving a look of pride from your dad. Fathers are often our protectors, anchors and heroes and we’ve rounded up five great North Coast dads who we think deserve a little recognition this Father’s Day!

My name is: Dylan Jahnig
I am a dad to: Mackenzie, Taeya, Honor and Joel
Besides a dad, I am also: The Lead Pastor at LINC CHURCH in Salt Rock.
What do you love most about being our dad? Early morning cuddles and the joy of watching you find yourselves as you play. I also love doing this church/Jesus adventure together as a family.
What is your favourite memory with your own dad? Riding quad bikes through the Lesotho Mountains and adventuring through Botswana in roof top tents.
What did you want to be when you grew up? A Supercross champion and a rock star (still do).
What is your favourite thing to do with..
Mackenzie: Talk, watch movies, read and sing.
Taeya: Fun adventures, spontaneously going places together and spending time with people (we love people).
Honor: Building lego, drawing, long walks… in fact building anything!
Joel: Long walks, pool fun and wrestling for days!

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My name is: Peter Cameron
I’m dad to: Coco Lily and Scarlett
Besides being a dad I’m: The Chief Motivational Officer at Cameron James Real Estate
What do you love the most about being our dad? That each of you have the best pieces of me in you and you make me so proud and happy every day as you grow and you are both my true loves.
What is your favourite memory with your dad? Having him watch me play every rugby game, everywhere in the country and even overseas. That meant the world to me. Lately I enjoy having a whisky with him and listening to his very interesting and humorous stories of when he was in London in the 1960’s.

What’s your favourite thing to do with us? Under lockdown it’s been going for walks and sprint races on the golf course (somehow you always manage to beat me and the laughter lights us all up). But my all time favourite is both of you falling asleep in my arms. It makes me the happiest and most grateful dad in the world.


My name is: Lyle Buxton
I’m a dad to: Lucy (9 months old and counting…)
Besides being a dad, I’m also: An actor and singer as well as a Drama teacher at Reddam House Umhlanga.
What do you love most about being my dad? I love how much you love spending time with me, whether it’s eating your meals, giving cuddles or playing. I also love how happy you get when you see me first thing in the morning. Even though it is often around 5am, you immediately brighten my day.

What is your favourite memory with your dad? I have so many happy memories with my dad. My happiest are when we played cricket, rugby or soccer together in the garden.
What did you want to be when you grew up? An actor, singer or a sportsman. So, I got most of that right.
What have been the hardest and most fun parts of lockdown? The hardest thing about lockdown is not having the freedom to go where we want to go at any time, or to see family. The most fun parts are spending every day at home with you and your mom.


My name is: Steve Gray
I’m a dad to: Asher, Arabella and Benjamin.
My children think I’m: “an amazing, inspiring and cool dad”.
Besides being a dad, I’m also: married to a super model, and work at The MakerSpace where I teach people to make the world a better place with technology.
What do you love most about being my/our dad? I’ve loved each of you so much from the day you were born. I just love being your dad because you are my children.
What is your favourite memory with your dad? Sharing special times on holidays, my dad taking me surfing on our travels and going to see jazz music in different countries.
What did you want to be when you grew up? I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up.

What’s your favourite thing to do with me? Asher: Surfing and playing computer games and sharing memes.
Arabella: Playing guitar and singing with you and cuddling.
Benjamin: Playing sport with you and getting a little cuddle in the morning.


My name is: Leon Rajcoomar
I’m a dad to: Caleb (22) and Aaron (18)
My children think I’m: NOT super cool. Apparently I’m too ‘old school’ but believe I can be the next masterchef!
Besides being a dad, I’m also: husband to my amazing wife Cheryl, a small business owner, loyal friend and a ‘wanna-be’ chef!
What do you love most about being our dad? I love that I am able do things with you like exercise and play sport and give you advice and help when you need it. I also love cooking for you.

What is your favourite memory with your dad? My dad worked shifts and was usually off on Wednesdays. On these days he would pick us up from school and we would go shopping as a family, ending the day with a family dinner. We would chat about our week and anything he missed out on.
What have been the hardest and most fun parts of lockdown? The hardest part is not being able to see or entertain our family and friends, especially the two grannies. Not going to church or gym has also been tough. The fun part is having more family time doing things we don’t usually have time to do, like play board games, go for early morning walks and experiment in the kitchen. The best part is also binge-watching Netflix!
What’s your favourite thing to do with us? I would say our Sunday ‘dad’s and lads’ soccer games. I enjoy that we can play a sport that we all love and that I can still keep up with you guys.

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