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Book club – We’re going the ‘good-for-you’ route this July

Reduce, reuse and reconnect in the zero-waste drive to help our planet survive the onslaught of humankind. Erin Rhoads suggests 365 commonsense ways to contribute in Waste Not Everyday. Redesign, rethink, refuse (say no), share, repair, compost, recycle, are among the other steps you can take to cut down wasteful consumption. From making your own pet food to using cloth nappies, this is essential reading for anyone serious about the importance of ‘going green’. Hardie Grant, R190



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• Fans of Marie Kondo (who’ve decluttered their homes to within an inch of their lives) will love this … an enjoyable, quirky graphic novel about Chiaki, a young woman who, using Kondo’s advice and inspiration, transforms her Tokyo home, work and love life. The Life-changing Manga of Tidying Up – A Magical Story by Marie Kondo is a great, entertaining way of learning (give it to your teenage daughter!).
Bluebird Books For Life, R216

• In today’s frenetic, tech-driven world, we’ve forgotten how to listen – and no one is listening to us. In You’re Not Listening, Kate Murphy shows how only by listening properly can we truly connect with others. It’s about curiosity and patience, asking the right questions the right way. Listening can transform relationships and working lives, increase creativity and happiness. It’s a skill that can be learned and perfected. It helps us to understand and be understood. Penguin Random House, R320.

All the sparkle … none of the alcohol.
This mindful month we’re drinking the just-launched De Krans Muscat Nectar Alcohol-Free Sparkling. With a slight fizz, tropical flavours and a touch of sweetness, it’s a lovely choice for those who’re going the no-alcohol route. R58.

Quiet Journal is a guided journal companion to Susan Cain’s bestselling Quiet, a book that changed the way we see introverts and how introverts see themselves. This companion journal will help you harness your secret strengths, improve communication at home and at work, and nurture your best self. It takes you on the Quiet journey to becoming a stronger, more confident person. You’ll learn more about your own temperament through a self-assessment quiz, which will teach you to make progress towards self-awareness, and realise your own authentic qualities and worth, then learn how to put that knowledge into practice. Penguin, Random House, R320.



In At Home With Cannabis, Kelly McQue gives you everything you need to know to make and use cannabis products safely and effectively at home. She shares her experience in helping others successfully heal or manage their conditions, provides tried-and-tested recipes and includes a basic dosage guide for treating different health issues. Penguin Random House, R200.





Meet Om the Yoga Dog, your guide to all things yoga. With wonderful illustrations and brilliantly clear step-by-step instructions, this book by Ira Trivedi is an enjoyable, simple intro to yoga and mindfulness for kids (and their grown-ups). Just lovely! Penguin Random House, R215.

Also worth reading …
The magnificent Bill Bryson (if you haven’t read all his books, you’re missing out) has turned his attention away from the laugh-out-loud exploration of places he’s lived and travelled (our favourite is Notes from a Small Island) and from achieving the seemingly impossible task of making the science of our world both understandable and entertaining in A Short History of Nearly Everything. Now he’s exploring the human body – how it functions and its remarkable ability to heal itself. Full of extraordinary facts and astonishing stories, The Body: a Guide for Occupants is now out in paperback, and is a brilliant, often very funny attempt to understand the miracle of our physical and neurological make-up. Penguin, R180.

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