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5 Ways to get the most out of your security budget

Property-related crimes like carjacking, house robbery and business robbery all decreased dramatically during the early period of the COVID-19 national lockdown. All of these are on the rise again since our economy began opening up.

Here are five tips from Trellidor on how to stay safe at home within a budget.

  1. Focus on a safe zone if you can’t afford to fit burglar proofing to every door and window in your home. To create a safe zone in your bedroom area, start with a good quality gate in the passage or staircase. Then make sure that every window in this zone has strong burglar proofing, some of which can open for an emergency escape if necessary. Any exit door, such as a patio door off a bedroom, must also have a security gate or door. Lock yourself up securely at night or even during the day if any family members are home alone.

  2. Mix budget-friendly barriers with more expensive products. For example, spend a bit more on your entertainment area by fitting see-through Clear Guard screens, which block out mosquitoes and monkeys as well as criminals. Then choose a less expensive product like Trellidor Polycarbonate Bar or Trellidor Burglar Guard for your windows. Your local Trellidor outlet will be happy to help you balance your budget in this way.
  3. Choose all-in-one products to save costs. Trellidor makes a really beautiful louvre shutter called Trellidor Security Shutter that is a cost-saving full package. These shutters have been strengthened internally and have a patented locking system. This makes them strong enough to be classed as a security barrier. Plus, they are attractive window treatments and you won’t have to fit blinds or curtains as well. These shutters do it all, in style.
  4. Prioritise high risk areas over low risk ones. This means fitting more robust and generally more expensive barriers to doors and windows that are more likely to be targeted by criminals. Then fit less expensive barriers to less vulnerable doors and windows. It pays to get good advice on this from security specialists that are aware of crime trends so that you don’t make a costly mistake.

  5. Call in the experts. Trellidor offers a free security assessment service that can save you a bundle in the long run. They will help you develop a security plan, suggest products or a selection of different designs, and assist you with prioritising if you can’t do it all at once. A comprehensive, overall plan will be kinder on your budget than an unplanned one driven by panic after a crisis.

Details: Find your nearest Trellidor outlet for more home security ideas.

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