Life. Lemons. etc.

If we’re going to be spending (even more) time in the kitchen … it’s out with banana bread, and in with lemons. We’re looking for a little zest in our lives.

Two of the easiest, zestiest lemon recipes ever for you to whip up this weekend.
Let’s start with breakfast. Some lemon curd, to stir into your yoghurt. Or spread on a scone. Or eat from the jar. Simply take half a cup each of lemon juice and white sugar and 60g of salted butter, heat in a pot until sugar has dissolved and the mixture is almost boiling and set aside. Whisk three extra-large eggs really well until lovely and frothy, and then pour into the cooled but still warm mixture, whisking frantically. Return to the stove – keep the heat low – and keep whisking until it thickens (which it does all of a sudden, so don’t ignore it for a second). Leave to cool in the pot, and then store in a glass jar in the fridge. This recipe doubles up perfectly, so make for a friend, too.

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Moving onto cocktail hour … Limoncello is one of our favourite summer drinks, and it’s so easy to make. Start by taking the peel off nine or ten large lemons with a veggie peeler, making sure you don’t get any white pith. Discard the lemon juice (you can keep this to use for your lemon curd). Put the lemon peel strips into a 750ml bottle of vodka, replace the lid and leave for at least four days at room temperature. Once it’s nice and infused, make a syrup with three cups of water and two cups of sugar. All you do is place the sugar and water in a saucepan and heat up over medium heat until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid thickens slightly – about 10 minutes. Cool completely, then pour into a jug or large bottle with the vodka mixture. Cover it, and leave for 12 hours or overnight. Strain, discard the peels and pour into bottles and chill, preferably in the freezer, before serving. It will keep in the fridge for a month or so.

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