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There’s a new skipper on board at Suncoast…

When you work in the demanding world of casinos, hotels and entertainment, you need to be rational and have a great sense of humour – qualities Suncoast’s new director of operations and complex general manager has. We get to know the man behind the title.

Behind his mischievous grin and Bristolian humour, lurks a level-headed man who is able to make informed decisions in the fast-paced world of business and entertainment. Adam MacIntyre has been in the hotel and casino industry for 31 years, and is proof of what he believes – what you put in, you will reap. Since his days as a casino dealer back in Bristol in the UK, his hard work, effort and continued commitment have led him to running the pearl in the Tsogo Sun gaming crown, Suncoast.


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Adam jumped at the opportunity to be part of Durban’s most loved entertainment destination when Mike Dowsley, who steered the Suncoast ship for the last 17 years, was off on a new adventure. No stranger to the position, after helming the Emnotweni Casino in Nelspruit since 2017, Adam is ecstatic to be working with a world class team, providing a world class offering, and looks forward to being part of Suncoast’s exciting future.
After growing up in West Wales and Bristol and starting his career in 1989, his experience abroad included working for Stakis Hotels and contracts in Europe and the UK. In 1992, his career started in South Africa at the Wild Coast Sun and, after six years at the coast, he found himself in Gauteng. Adam was part of the opening team and pit manager of The Dome and later Montecasino, the latter where he worked his way to tables manager in 2007. Five years later, he was managing the tables department at Gold Reef City Casino, until 2016, and then spent a year back at Montecasino before steering Emnotweni Casino.

Adam says he has had many high and low moments in his life, but his biggest highs have been proposing to and marrying his wife, Olivia, as well as the day their daughter, Lily-Rose, was born. The almost three-year-old is her father’s delight and makes him smile every day. “We love the coastal life and I don’t mind getting my toes wet in the sea every now and again. Lily-Rose loves the beach and the sea, and is absolutely in her element with smiles that just keep on coming.” Adam says his career journey since joining Tsogo Sun is also a definite high, and that all the low points in his life have added to who he is, and who he and Olivia are as a couple.

Adam and Olivia MacIntyre and daughter Lily–Rose.

While working and still trying to find a home, Adam is trying to get back into running, and thinks the beachfront’s Golden Mile is the perfect route to get him on track again. A lover of bush and wildlife, places like Botswana and Zimbabwe are some of his preferred holiday destinations, and the Kruger National Park was his second home while living in the Lowveld. ”KZN has great wildlife opportunities, and it’s been a while since we visited Umfolozi-Hluhluwe. Walking safaris and camping have always been a favourite pastime, and being able to have some quiet time just listening to the wind through the veld can sometimes make all the difference.”
Uncovering his bliss for the bush, it is easy to understand why Adam prefers being quiet and observing from the sidelines, as opposed to being the centre of attention. “I try and remain calm and keep my sense of humour, with the stress that comes with all types of work, along with the obvious stresses that are out there at the moment as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. There is a real need to keep an even keel, and keeping my sense of humour does that for me.”

What does it take for an operations director to function in this fast-paced environment?
To continue the success of this incredible property, I need a passionate and dedicated team around me. I am lucky to have exactly that here at Suncoast.

What are the demands of working in the business of entertainment?
We need to offer an experience that leaves each and every guest coming back for more.

What qualities do you need to work at Suncoast?
As we work in the ‘people’ industry, common courtesy and decency cost nothing, so we have to treat each other with respect always, be it a fellow team member or a guest visiting our property. Sometimes the thing we do in our lives, or the way we treat someone, may appear unimportant to us, but can have a massive impact on those around us. It’s kind of like the ‘pay it forward’ principle – doing good things for people, when there is nothing in it for you, is a reward all on its own. Maybe we should all be doing that just a little bit more.

What are your goals for Suncoast?
To keep pushing and building the Suncoast brand. We all have to weather a storm at the moment, both personally and in the business world, as a result of Covid-19, but this storm will end at some point and we are ready and eager to get back to full capacity and do what we do best, and that is entertain in true Suncoast style, with thrilling gaming, exciting events and the full entertainment offering for the entire family.


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