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Twitchers are all a-quiver

The 5th revised edition of the Sasol The Larger Illustrated Guide to Birds of Southern Africa has just been released … bigger, expanded and brought fully up-to-date by its expert author panel, with additional contributions from two new birding experts. Ian Sinclair, Phil Hockey, Warwick Tarboton, Niall Perrins, Dominic Rollinson & Peter Ryan (whew … quite a line-up) have made sure this best-selling guide maintains its place as one of Africa’s most trusted field guides.

With more than 3000 illustrations (more than 800 new), a scan-and-play bird-call feature using a free downloadable app (which contains more than 1000 calls for 866 species), fully revised text, maps and plate annotations and a comprehensive coverage of the region’s birds, this edition is in a larger format, making it far easier to use. R450. •For those who prefer it, the new, vastly improved and really easy-to-use Sasol eBirds Southern Africa App is a superb option. The app covers all 989 bird species in line with the latest taxonomical changes, has loads of updated info from the existing and new contributing authors, more than 1000 bird calls and more than 2700 photographs (with no in-app purchase required) and plenty of new illustrations with finer attention to detail. With text in English and Afrikaans, the app also has distribution maps updated with latest known ranges and Quick-Play bird calls right from the menu. The app will be updated regularly, and freely, constantly improving the content, features and functionality. Download on the App Store or get it on Google Play.

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