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8 Things You Never Knew About TV & Radio Personality Graeme Richards…

South African television personality and actor Graeme Richards is a seasoned entertainer with years of experience under his belt. Having hosted a variety of shows and starred in multiple films during his illustrious career, Graeme has become a formidable name in the local entertainment space. Graeme currently hosts the popular Expresso Morning Show on SABC 3 every morning between 6am and 8am, and shares some interesting tidbits about himself which fans may not know about him.


1) Connecting With People Is One Of Graeme’s Biggest Achievements

Graeme admits that the best part of his job is not the fame, but rather the ability to form connections with so many people around the country. “Being able to form powerful connections with most of the people I engage with and positively influencing their view of themselves and the world is probably my biggest achievement in life,” he says.

2) Playing Tom Sawyer Was His First Step To A Career In The Arts

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“My most vivid childhood memory is of me waiting nervously backstage at the Mooi River Town Hall to play a very short (height-wise) and pretty darn convincing Tom Sawyer (yes, I was a tad mischievous),” Graeme says. “While it takes roughly 15 minutes to navigate the entire town of Mooi River, I still consider this my break-out role. Thank you, Mrs Lanham!”

3) Graeme’s Secret To Staying In Shape Is A Positive Mindset

Graeme is passionate about keeping both his body and mind healthy and admits that the two work hand-in-hand. “Let exercise become your therapy not your obligation. I train to destress,” he says. “It is a scientific fact that when you are fitter and stronger, even your mind operates better. And, I love to exercise because I do things that I really enjoy.” Another exercise tip from Graeme, run with 2kg dumbbells. “There is no better way of shaping your physique.”

4) Graeme Loves To Travel

When asked about his favourite travel destination, Graeme says that giving an answer is impossible because every time he travels, he heads out with a different mindset and  reason to visiting a particular destination. “Every time I travel there is a very special reason why I’m there and I become emotionally invested,” he explains. “Whether it’s doing an amazing interview in New York, a life changing insert in Zanzibar or taking my children to see the other half of their family in the tiny Northern village of Ashington in the UK.” In South Africa, however, Graeme loves exploring the garden route and wild coast. “It’s the perfect balance of nature, beauty and things to experience.”

5) His Most Embarrassing Moment Involves The Late Joost Van Der Westhuizen

Being on live television every day, Graeme admits that he has had so many embarrassing moments over the years. “Every single day something embarrassing happens and you move on, part of being human and definitely part of live TV,” Graeme admits. “There is one moment that does come back to me regularly, because I was able to build a really awesome relationship with him over years of interviews and he ragged me solidly for it. I once told a wheelchair-bound Joost Van Der Westhuizen “not to move a muscle”. I was mortified!”

6) Graeme Would Have An Interesting Dinner Party If He Could Invite Three People, Dead Or Alive, Over For A Meal

When asked who he would love to have over for a dinner party, dead or alive, Graeme admits that the party would certainly be one for the books. First, I would invite Carthaginian General Hannibal Hamilcar. Not only for proving that Africa was and can be the intellectual and commercial centre of the world but also because he fought and beat impossible odds till his dying breath and was interesting enough to get me through four years of tedious Latin studies. My second guest would be Albert Einstein because I’m sure he must have had the coolest sense of humour and finally, if David Beckham isn’t available, as he is quite busy, my great, great grandchild (looking at my current family, probably a kick ass woman changing the world), mainly to find out what my legacy will be and how the whole ‘Mars thing’ played out.

7) Graeme’s Dream Gig Is To Be An Action Star

While Graeme has built up an impressive acting resume, his dream gig would be to bag a lead role in an action movie. “It’s about the most fun a grown up can have,” Graeme says. “I would love to push myself in a role like this. Here’s to hoping that it happens in the not-so-distant future.”

8) The Essence Of Graeme Richards

If Graeme had to describe himself in one sentence, it would be “A father striving (definitely not always getting it right) to be a good man, create the best reality for my children and make the world a more positive place.”

Connect with Graeme Richards online:
Facebook:           https://www.facebook.com/GraemeRichardsTV/
Twitter:                https://twitter.com/graemerichards
Instagram:          https://www.instagram.com/graemerichards

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