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We’ve got your holiday reading sorted!

Newly promoted Detective Sergeant William Warwick has been reassigned to the drugs squad. His first case … to investigate a notorious South London drug lord known as the Viper. As he and his team close the net around the criminal network, he’s also faced with an old enemy, Miles Faulkner. It will take all William’s cunning to devise a means to bring both men to justice … a trap neither will expect, one that’s Hidden in Plain Sight. This is Jeffrey Archer’s second thriller featuring Warwick – it follows on from Nothing Ventured but reads well as a stand alone story. Full, as Archer fans would expect, of thrills and twists and turns. • Oh, joy for fans of The No 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency series. A new instalment, just in time for the hols. Alexander McCall Smith’s How to Raise an Elephant allows readers to catch up on the latest from Mma Ramotswe, Mma Makutsi and other favourites. The book starts off nice and easy … in fact, Precious Ramotswe wonders whether rising heat in Gaborone could be the reason that business is particularly slow. But add some new neighbours who, by the sound of it, have a rather volatile relationship, a distant cousin who arrives at the agency with a plea for help, and a hair-raising night-time expedition, and things heat up pretty quickly. But nothing that can’t be sorted out over a slice of Mma Potokwani’s fruit cake.

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You know what you’re going to get in Together By Christmas. Girl meets boy, heart-wrenching dilemmas, some long buried secrets and a whole lot of romance. But that doesn’t take away from the sheer hedonistic joy of a chick-lit novel to read on a sun lounger this December. Karen’ Swan’s latest love story is just lovely.  • In Peter James’ Find Them Dead, Roy Grace gets a tip-off about a drug ring operating out of Brighton, and is investigating what appears to be a senseless murder. His investigations lead him into the sinister sphere of influence of a ruthless, evil drug dealer on trial, a man who’s prepared to order the death of anyone it takes to enable him to walk free. One of the jurors is a woman who’s just getting her life back together after a car crash that killed her husband and son. While she’s doing jury duty, her daughter is off on a gap year, travelling round South America with a friend. A few days into the trial, she gets home – and lying on her kitchen table is a photograph of her daughter in Ecuador. Then the phone rings. She’s told if she wants to keep her daughter alive, all she has to do is make sure the jury votes not guilty. We’re massive fans and this book simply races along, dragging you with it.


All is not calm on Mustique. A tropical storm is heading its way, and most of the villa owners have left the island, with just a few young socialites staying behind, not wanting summer’s partying to end. One of these thrill-seekers, an American heiress, disappears after an early morning swim. When her body’s found, the investigation turns from one of missing person to murder … and things turn even nastier when the storm hits and someone else disappears. Murder on Mustique by Anne Glenconner is full of glamour and mystery … another great beach read. • If you’re one of the many, many Jeremy Clarkson fans, here’s your Christmas gift, sorted. Can You Make This Thing Go Faster? is the latest in The World According to Clarkson series, and is just as funny, rude and sharp as the previous seven. Full of strange and diverse issues that perplex Clarkson – why saving the planet means soggy straws, why fishing is for people who hate kids – irrelevant but entertaining.

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