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We’ve had a wonderful summer in our gardens at home … and now it’s time to start preparing lawns for winter. While we are extremely fortunate to enjoy very mild winters on the North Coast, there is no denying that most of our gardens take a knock as the sun path changes and our lawns are subjected to more shade. The clever team from Living Earth have compiled some tips to get your lawn in tip top shape before winter comes, allowing it to survive the season’s changes and look great when spring comes!


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• Scarify – scarifying is when you rake your lawn to reduce the layers of thatch. Autumn is a great time to scarify as you can rake a little deeper than if you were to do it in spring, when you would have to be more delicate due to young growth.
• Aerate your lawn – aeration is a cornerstone to having a well maintained lawn. The process of aerating is basically spiking the lawn to allow for more air (and nutrients, including water) to get to the grass roots. Aeration will also help your lawn to survive through more extreme conditions such as waterlogging or drought.
• Fork compacted areas – areas of the lawn that get heavy traffic during summer will be very compacted and will need forking to break up the soil and improve drainage.
• Apply lawn dressing – once the lawn is aerated and forked, it is time to apply Living Earth Lawn dressing. Our blend of premium Compost and Umgeni sand is ideal for improving the soil structure and encouraging strong root development. The Umgeni will also assist in levelling those areas that have become bumpy over time.
• For larger areas that have been worn down through summer fun in the garden, purchase some Living Earth Instant Lawn rolls and fill in the gaps.



About Living Earth
Living Earth are renowned instant lawn and compost specialists on the North Coast. Founded by well-known farmer Nic Jordan, the farm produces the best compost in KZN, as well as the finest quality instant lawn. Living Earth compost is available in bulk (making it environmentally friendly and cost effective) and the range includes potting soil as well as lawn dressing. The instant lawn varieties are Buffalo and Berea Shade

Details: Living Earth is situated near Holla Trails on the Esenembe Road, 083 655 3019,
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