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Hair removal trends have changed through the years and, for a number of reasons, more and more people are opting for the permanent route. We spoke to Ballito electrolysis specialist Kate Lovemore Baker who is passionate about what she does.

Zimbali-based Kate has always been passionate about beauty and health and helping others feel good about themselves. Which is why she decided, after trying it for herself, to start her own aesthetic business specialising in electrolysis.


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A born and bred Durban girl, Kate is married to South African big wave surfing champion Grant Twiggy Baker and the couple have a five-year-old daughter named Billi. After pursuing a career marketing and advertising, Kate joined her family interior design business to allow her flexibility to travel internationally with her surfing husband. She decided she needed a change of direction and decided to go the beauty route.

“I had tried laser but it never worked for me because my hair is too light. I started looking into electrolysis and, fast forward 18 months to August 2019 and I started Lovemore Aesthetics!” Kate says she realised there were a lot of other women in the same boat as her, struggling to find a truly permanent hair removal solution. Her business now offers one hundred percent progressively permanent hair removal for all skin colours and hair types, from blonde to grey and ginger, as well as dark hair. “I also remove unwanted skin tags, cherry angiomas, spider veins, unwanted piercings and the list goes on.”

Asked what the difference is between laser hair removal and electrolysis, Kate says, “the obvious difference between the two is that laser uses light and pigment in the hair, whereas with electrolysis we use a tiny probe to go into each hair follicle to destroy the ‘food factory’ that allows the hair to grow.” She says often laser treatments are every four to six weeks and how have to shave before your appointments. “You can book electrolysis appointments as often as you need, which really helps my clients who are battling with chin hairs, which seem to grow really quickly. In fact, I would say sixty percent of my clients are women battling with chin hairs. So, ladies, you are not alone!”

It’s important to note, Kate says, that electrolysis is not a once-off treatment and you have to go back for a few sessions before the ‘food factory’ is fully removed and then the hair will never grow back. “Electrolysis is the only one hundred percent permanent hair removal technique approved by the FDA.”

We asked Kate about some of the most common misconceptions when it comes to hair removal in South Africa? “Everyone thinks laser is the only way to go. Yes, it will reduce your hair growth quite a lot but it will not permanently remove it. Don’t get me wrong, if someone comes to me with a lot of hair on their legs, bikini or underarm, I recommend them going for a few laser treatments to save them money beforehand, to reduce the hair growth. But I often see people who have had laser, who have stubborn hairs that just won’t stop growing.

Kate shares her top tips when it comes to hair removal. “Firstly, shop around for what suits your budget and ask for advice from friends. Then, for the moms with daughters out there – the best gift you can give your 18-year-old is electrolysis treatments – especially for bikini and underarm. They will thank you later in life when they no longer have to wax or shave! Lastly, give electrolysis a try, you won’t be disappointed”.”

Details: Kate Lovemore Baker, 072 143 0322

Text: Leah Shone

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