Resilience has been a strong theme in almost all of our lives over the past year. Former environmental consultant, mother of two and début author, Prathisha Singh, has made it her goal to help people live their best lives after hitting her own personal ‘rock bottom’ during the pandemic.

Like many people, the onset of the global Covid-19 pandemic was a massive blow to the usually positive and ambitious Prathisha. “I experienced rock bottom. I was overwhelmed with negative emotion and felt stuck, powerless and hopeless in my situation … until I made the decision to turn my life around, learn the lessons and move forward for myself and my family.”

Now she has written a book, The Ultimate Guide to: Bounce Back Higher, has started a blog and is on a mission to share her ‘tried and tested’ methods to empower others to live their best lives too.

Born in Tongaat, Prathisha spent three years living in New Zealand with her parents while she was in primary school. When they returned to SA, she attended high school in Gauteng and, ater school did a BSc honours degree in Geology before marrying her high-school crush, Sumeeth.

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Prathisha worked as an environmental consultant and owned a Kumon franchise before discovering her current passion: helping people rediscover their essence and live their greatest lives. She and her husband live in Ballito with their two young children.
“After hitting my ‘rock bottom’, I immersed myself in the teachings of the world’s leading experts in the self-transformation industry. I followed the tools and techniques that I learned through discipline and diligent practice and discovered that it is possible to be happy and peaceful no matter what your situation or circumstances are.”

Rock bottom, Prathisha says, is a place of feeling stuck, unable to move forward, hopeless, fearful, anxious and powerless. It is a demonstration of not being able to live your best life and it is different for everyone. To one person, it may be getting a divorce, to another it may be being diagnosed with a terminal illness, or losing a child etc. I think every person experiences this at some point in their life, and this is where self- transformation happens .. if the individual decides so. My rock bottom involved relationships, finance and health in a time of extreme uncertainty. In a relatively short period (which felt like a century!) though, I bounced back higher – and I believe others can too.”


Prathisha says her book is aimed at anyone who wants to go through life feeling peace, love and happiness despite what is happening in their life or in the world at large.
“The book inspires you to tap into your inner wisdom, love, peace and happiness that is ever present within each of us by providing simple and practical exercises to do so. If you feel like you are at rock bottom, or feeling stuck in your life, the book is a great start to you bouncing back higher and living your greatest life.” Prathisha also has an online course called ‘Live your greatest life’ available on her website.


1. Make the decision to live your greatest life. Write a powerful declaration asserting that you will overcome any situation and live your best life – no matter what it takes. Be that determined.
2. Let go of the past. It does not exist. The only place that it does exist is in your mind. Whatever has happened is over now. Let it go, adjust your path and keep on moving.
3. Be mindful of your thoughts. Throughout the day, ask yourself, ‘what am I thinking?’ If your thoughts do not support you feeling good, gently release them and move on to a happier thought. You can and you will change your life one thought at a time.

Details: The Ultimate Guide to: Bounce Back Higher is R139,99 and available online: www.ultimatebouncebackhigher.com, [email protected]

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