Being a ‘millennial mom’ is no joke … especially when you’re juggling everything while still trying to manage a career or business of your own. Here are some of the most successful, hardworking moms who ‘hustle’ on the North Coast.


Carla is the owner and founder of Thandana Bag Co. which started in 2010. The KZN-based company manufactures genuine leather and in-house designed laminated fabric bags for the whole family. Thandana started off as a hobby and quickly transformed into a financially viable business. “It’s been blood, sweat and lots of tears to get where I am today, especially having a little girl keeping me on my toes, but it’s all been worthwhile and paying off!”
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and a being businesswoman? Time management. Allocate days that will be specifically work-focused and get your schedule in order. The same goes for being a mom. As much as I love the buzz of my factory, I also have to make time for my family, which comes first. Having your own business has its perks and flexitime is such a gift. Some days I allocate my time solely for my daughter. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Don’t take life so seriously and your way is the right way. My morning ritual is prayer with a good cup of coffee to get me through the day.
Details: 031 502 7336, [email protected], www.thandana.co.za

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Established in 2009, Outlook Orange is a team of creative and strategic consultants who partner with businesses to pinpoint their vision and difference. They then create actionable brand building and digital marketing plans that propel growth.
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? Find the value of balance. As working mothers, we can easily get sucked into making work our primary obsession, an all-consuming activity. We need to continually stop, re-assess and take the safety of the middle ground rather than the imbalance of the extremes. God, my marriage and my children come first, and so, in order to be fully present, I need to continually ensure that I am re-evaluating that which is consuming me in order to ensure sustainability. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Set an example for your children – in your life, in your love for people and in your pure devotion to everything you put your hand to. Details: 087 460 0257, [email protected], www.outlookorange.com


Scoop is a small batch artisanal ice cream company, started in Amanda’s Dunkirk kitchen in 2014 when her then 5-year-old daughter Maya was looking to sell something at a local kids entrepreneurs market. She sold out in 15 minutes and Scoop was born. They now have two busy stores (at Lifestyle Centre Ballito and Florida Road) and a factory where everything is hand made, using locally sourced natural products. Scoop staff came to them with little work experience and many were previously disadvantaged, growing from scooping staff to managers. Scoop believes they sell both happiness and hope.
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? To be honest, it’s more than just a juggle between motherhood and businesswoman – luckily women are born natural multitaskers. My most important job is to be a great wife and mother, then a great leader and role model to my team and to positively impact as many lives as I can. On a personal level, it’s important to take time out to do the things I’m passionate about and never lose my own identity. When the going gets tough, I always remember, I am enough!
The best piece of mothering advice you ever received?

Be brave enough to allow your kids to fail.
Details: Scoop, Lifestyle Centre Ballito, [email protected], 082 307 1096


Willow is a lifestyle boutique and online store that first opened its doors in Windermere Centre in June 2015. They opened their second store in La Lucia Mall in 2018 and are hoping to open a third store soon! “We are proudly local and design and manufacture our own range of clothing. We also sell accessories, clothing and lifestyle products from other top local South African brands. We are the perfect place to find a unique gift for someone special.”
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? Planning! I’m a firm believer in the quote, ‘if you fail to plan you plan to fail’. Life can feel pretty chaotic at times, but if you plan your week and set yourself goals it becomes more manageable. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Enjoy the little things and treasure the moments. You feel like your kids will stay little forever and before you know it they all are grown up and ready to leave home!
Details: Willow La Lucia: 031 562 9190, Willow Windermere Centre: 031 303 1425, 082 567 2715, www.willowshop.co.za


Kate started Lovemore Aesthetics 18 months ago and her focus is on one hundred percent progressively permanent hair removal with electrolysis. “A lot of clients come to me for chin hairs, underarms, bikini and brows. I also remove skin imperfection like skin tags, spider veins, milia and cherry angiomas with thermocoagulation. I work in Ballito, Umhlanga and Durban North at The Skin and Nail Bar.
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman?
You need to have a really good support network who understand that every now and then there might be late hours or long days when mom can’t help. I’ve been really blessed with a hands-on husband and grandparents, aunties and friends who are happy to help. As much as I can, my daughter comes first. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? When your kids are quiet, leave them. Peep round the corner to see they are not destroying your home, haha, but leave them be if they are happy and content. It’s also really important to take time out for yourself. Even if it’s gym, taking a walk, yoga, sleeping whatever fills your cup! Make sure you remember who you are.
072 143 0322, IG @lovemore_aesthetics, [email protected]


Ulu Collective is a sister-in-law-run décor and lifestyle brand, established in 2019. They offer a diverse range of décor and lifestyle items, from accessories to carefully sourced home décor pieces (often inspired by travel, culture, nature and the things they both love). They also offer a home styling, décor and design service to help clients create inspired home spaces. “We bridge the gap between interior designer and retail outlet.”
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? It is an incredible privilege to have a career that allows one to be present as a mom. Our top tip is to manage your time wisely, stay organized and compartmentalize. Set time aside for each role and try your best to stick to that – this structure allows you to be totally present and intentional in each role. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? There is no fool proof rule book (although there are many out there to read!). Rather learn to trust your intuition, follow your gut and do what feels right for you and your little family. A mother’s intuition is powerful, connect to this and trust it. If you act out of love and kindness you will most likely always make the right choices.
Details: Nikki: 0828520884, Dom: 0731806363


Although Cultivate Your Brand was started in August last year during lockdown, Justine had already been freelancing digital marketing for a number of years. Cultivate is a small brand upliftment entity working with new or established businesses, predominantly in the online space. They offer online services, from virtual assistance, graphic design and branding to web design, email marketing and social media management. Her clients include Holla Trails, Fairview Estates, Candice of Nurture Your Vagina and Holly & Ivy.
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? Finding a balance between work, mothering and me time – and dedicating set times to those things so that you are one hundred percent present. There is nothing worse than trying to build Lego with my son and check my emails at the same time! I take every opportunity I can to squeeze in some work, often hot spotting on my laptop in the school car park and I keep activities in my home office so when those crazy days come my son can do his ‘work’ next to me. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Set boundaries and routines. My son has had a bedtime routine since he was a newborn and he is now five. Boundaries are important to help kids understand the sometimes confusing world we live in! Details: [email protected], [email protected], www.cultivateyourbrand.co.za


Cindene has been the marketing manager at La Lucia Mall for over 11 years and has had the privilege of watching the Centre change and adapt over the years. La Lucia Mall was one of the very first shopping centres built in KwaZulu Natal and underwent a major upgrade in 2019. The centre has been modernised and new stores have recently opened such as Crazy Plastics, Cinnabon and Wellness Warehouse. We look forward to welcoming Spa Ceylon, Rain, PNA and others soon! La Lucia Mall also offers a “click and collect” service and we have special parking zones dedicated to this.
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? I start my day with an early morning workout at 5am. This sets a positive tone for my day, clears my mind, releases endorphins, and makes me believe that I can conquer anything!
The best piece of mothering advice you ever received?
I love this quote by Dr Laura Markham: “Your most valuable parenting skill is to learn to manage yourself first.” It’s easy to lose yourself along the way, so ensure that your cup is full so that you can be your best self. Details: 031 562 8420 www.laluciamall.co.za


Although she has been in the Optometry field for 15 years, Rene opened her own business, called Kijk in Salt Rock in February 2019. Her patients vary from tiny babies to sport enthusiasts and fishing guru’s … and anyone else in need of good vision or cool eyewear! Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? Besides having an awesome husband to help juggle the balls and catch the falling ones? I think the most important thing is to be there and zoom in on the person in front of you. At home, zoom in on the kids and use the time with them productively and at work, zoom in on the patient in front of you. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Do not take any advice from the people you love personally – they love your children too! And then, of course, if all else fails, turn on some music and just dance!
Details: 032 815 2911, 084 585 2297, [email protected]


Catherine started a business called The Harvest Table just over three years ago while she was still working full time as a business manager. “I was very interested in my health and that of my family, and started developing food products for us to use at home. Other people seemed to be interested in them too …and so the business began!” Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman? Managing the juggle between work and home is never easy, but I’ve learnt to compartmentalise so that I am fully focused on work when I’m at the office and fully focused on my family when at home.
The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? Not to sweat the small stuff but rather to focus on the end goal of developing well-rounded and grounded adults. Letting go of the small stuff has definitely led to a happier home! Details: www.harvesttable.co.za



Julia James and Roxy Message started SAINT&SUMMER seven years ago in the hope of bringing ladies footwear that suits the lifestyle we lead in SA. Each and every shoe is designed to complement our individual, distinctive style. Their shoes are all locally designed and they find inspiration in the everyday working woman, mom and housewife. “We are inspired by the company we keep, people on the street and the amazing multi-cultured diversity of South Africa. We love new trends and changing things up!”
Your top tip for juggling motherhood and being a businesswoman?
JULIA: To find a balance. Wake up early. Work in the morning while the kids are busy at school. Don’t work at home after hours. Be present. The days are long but the years are short. ROXY: Being super organised. I am meticulous about planning and recording everything on my phone calendar so I don’t miss anything. Self-care, which doesn’t come easy, but without this I can’t be good at either. Recruit a tribe! I have an incredible support system which is worth its weight in liquid gold. The best piece of mothering advice you ever received? JULIA: In any uncertainty, I try to imagine myself at that age and think how I would feel in a situation. Also, don’t forget the small things – what might seem small to me may be a mountain to a little soul. ROXY: Don’t compare yourself to other mothers. We are all a hot mess, some just hide it better than others.
Details: www.saintandsummer.co.za, @saintandsummer

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