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An underwater adventure…

It’s an incredible experience, exploring and getting up close and personal with the beautiful wilderness that lies beneath and alongside our ocean. A snorkelling safari is a great way to discover the wonderland that exists right here on our doorstep, and our year-round warm water means it’s something you can even do in winter!

It truly is remarkable what lies beneath our ocean and on our rocky shores. Even in just waist-deep water and in easy-to-access tidal pools, you can discover hundreds of fascinating creatures. All you have to do is pop on a snorkel and mask and submerge yourself into the treasure trove.

We were recently invited to join Tidal Tao Snorkelling Safaris founder Michy Morris on a snorkel in the beautiful, protected Shaka’s Rock tidal pool and were absolutely blown away by the number of incredible fish, corals and sea life we saw.
Michy, who is passionate (one might even say obsessed) with the ocean and our coastline, started Tidal Tao in 2013. Her goal was (and still is) to expose people to the wide array of intertidal life along the KZN coast, with the hopes of educating and ultimately encouraging us to protect and save the shores.

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On the morning of our snorkelling safari we met Michy on the beach road in Shaka’s Rock before the sun was up. After following all the Covid  protocols, we headed down to the tidal pool where we were given wetsuits (if you wanted one), fins, a snorkel and a mask. Before walking into the tidal pool, Michy gave us a quick briefing about what to expect and what not to do. And then it was into the water we went.
There is no skill involved and as long as you know how to swim, you can snorkel. The kids were delighted when Michy offered them pool noodles to float on, making it really easy for them to focus on the world below.

Within moments we were transported into an underwater wonderland, coming face-to-face with a surprising array of fish species. The Dolphin Coast is home to over 150 fish species found in less than waist deep water, over 100 species of Nudibranchs and some of the southern most shallow water corals in the world.
We saw everything from beautiful Parrotfish to fascinating Devil Firefish and many wonderful corals. Michy stayed alongside us the whole time, feeding us with interesting information and facts and finding and pointing out the good stuff! She was especially good with the kids.

After our snorkel, while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate alongside the water, we shared what we had seen. We were all in agreement at how amazed we were and couldn’t believe that we had had this right on our doorstep all these years without even realising how wonderful it is.
If you already know how to snorkel and have your own equipment, what are you waiting for? Get it out and get exploring! Booking a snorkelling safari with Michy is great for both beginners and those who have snorkelled before – her knowledge of the ocean and its critters is remarkable and you know you are in for an adventure.

Michy shares some rules for everyone to remember when visiting the rocky shores:
• Treat the ocean the same way you would a nature reserve
• Take only photos. Never touch or disturb marine life
• Many marine animals look like rocks and plants (especially corals and sponges), but they are living creatures.
• Be quiet and patient. Fish usually dive for cover when they see humans, so be quiet and avoid splashing too much. Move slowly and you’ll see lots more!
• Look, appreciate and be amazed at what our stretch of the coast has to offer.

Details: 079 307 0608 or email: [email protected]


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