The juggle between balancing a successful career and spending quality time with your family (while finding the odd moment to catch some fish or play a round of golf!) is a real one. We’ve rounded up some of the hardest-working go getter North Coast dads!

Grant is the owner of RE/MAX Panache, a real estate agency with 65 estate agents selling over R1 Billion residential homes North of Durban annually. He is also a speaker and an NLP Coach. “I help people remove their own limiting beliefs so that they can get on with fulfilling their potential in life.” How do you balance fatherhood and work? When my kids are with me they are my priority and everyone in my business is aware of this. When your priorities are clear, your time planning becomes easier because you plan everything else around your priority. Having a great support team at the office helps massively in this regard. What is the best piece of fathering advice you’ve received? Children are meant to be seen and heard. Quite the opposite to the old belief. Kids are incredible teachers if you just allow them to speak. They have no filters when they are young and see things exactly as they are. Observe wisely.
Details: www.grantgavin.com, 082 458 4083, [email protected]

NIC JORDAN – Fairview Estates

Nic Jordan is the owner and founder ofLiving (a sugar farm operation). He is more recently, one of the founding farmers at Fairview Estates (a pioneering secure farming and living estate just outside Ballito). How do you balance fatherhood and work? It’s ongoing challenge. I am generally strict about booking slots in my diary that are non-negotiable and I prioritise quality time with my children over work. That and only employing exceptionally capable staff who run my businesses with me give me the benefit of flexi time, which is one of the special perks of running one’s own business. What is the best piece of fathering advice you’ve received? To never criticise or judge my children, or tell my children not to do something when they have revealed they are doing things which I would rather they did not. I rather share experiences I have had with similar situations as well as the risks and what to be careful of . Doing otherwise simply means they would still be doing those things but I would simply never get to hear about them. Details: [email protected]

STANTON – Thandana Bag Co.
Stanton is the co-owner of Thandana Bags, a KZN-based company that manufactures genuine leather and laminated fabric bags and accessories. “We attribute our current successes in our growing business to the many challenges and failures that we overcame along the way. Perseverance and dedication to always striving for greater customer satisfaction when driving a brand.” How do you balance fatherhood and work? Pray, plan, prioritize and sacrifice. Also, having a great wife who is also my business partner helps balance these things. Knowing when to switch off work and live in the present.
What is the number piece of fathering advice you’ve received? Love wholeheartedly, humble yourself and live with an open hand.
Details: [email protected], 031 502 2172, www.thandana.co.za

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