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Calming glitter jars…

Easy and fun to make, glitter jars are a lovely project for kids (and possibly adults) who are learning about emotions and mindfulness. Take some time out and give this a try!

A very useful tool at home and school for managing time, they are also brilliant for behaviour, as watching the glitter swirl to the bottom of the jar helps kids to calm down, regain control and process emotions and sensory input.

To make a glitter jar you will need:
A Consol or Mason Jars with lid, 1/2 cup clear glue OR glitter glue, Distilled water, 1 to 2 teaspoons glitter (you can buy a selection of different coloured glitters and other confetti too), high-temperature hot glue gun, (optional for sealing the lid).

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What to do…
After buying your supplies, gather your kids, pour 1/2 cup of distilled water into the jar (or each jar if you got more than one). We used 500ml glass mason jars, but plastic water bottles would work as well (and should be used for kids who are prone to throwing objects when they are angry). Why distilled water? It contains no contaminants or minerals and will help keep your glitter jars mould-free. Get the kids to pour 1/2 cup of glitter glue or clear glue into the jar and wait for it to settle. If you are choosing to do so, add 1 to 2 teaspoons of extra glitter/confetti to the jar. Fill up the remainder of the jar with distilled water.
These jars generally seal well, but if you prefer to seal them (and we understand why!) use a hot glue gun to squeeze a ring of glue around the lid of the jar. Press the lid onto the jar and secure with the metal ring. Shake the jar well to distribute the glitter. It can take a few good shakes and a rest overnight to convince the glue to disperse completely, but it’s worth it in the end.

How to use a glitter jar
Great for a little home calming or meditation: Invite your child to sit down comfortably. Encourage them to shift their gaze to the swirling glitter, breathing deeply in and out as they watch it sink to the bottom of the jar. Then, invite them to notice the calm feeling moving through their body as they breathe. Do their feet feel heavy and war, and is that feeling moving up towards their shoulders? As they breathe, ask them to notice how their heartbeat feels. As the glitter settles and the water clears, so will their thoughts, feelings and body.

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