It’s one of our favourite months … the month dedicated to women! In honour of this, and because we know health is top of mind for us all at the moment, we’d like you to meet some of the top female medical professionals on the North Coast.

Teresa Vos, TopForm Holistic Health

Teresa Vos’ specialized solutions with Naturopathic, Nutritional Microscopy & Scan, Eating Guidelines and Functional Medicine/Nutraceuticals can assist you in discovering how and what to do to boost your body’s defences against the symptoms that so many people experience, some on a daily basis. Chronic inflammation harms and damages cells, tissues and organs and fuels major chronic diseases. Teresa understands the gut brain axis, the gut lung axis and how intestinal microbiota can assist to modulate healing, including mental health. She assists with gut symptoms, hormones, stress, anxiety, cardio health, pain, male and female sexual function/pain, effective weight loss and much more.
Details FB and IG: @TopFormSA, 082 452 7936, [email protected]

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Sarisha Haripershad, Optometrist
Owner of Torga Optical Ballito Junction, Cornubia Mall and Kwadukuza Mall, Sarisha is an experienced optometrist providing top optometry care to her patients. She is adept in performing vision tests and accurately analyzing results and diagnosing disorders and experienced in diagnosing and treating vision problems such as nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism, presbyopia and detecting cataracts and glaucoma. Sarisha is also skillful in prescribing the care, treatments, and medications required to achieve optimal health and enjoys children’s and sports vision. She has the best visual solution for your visual day.   Torga Optical – Ballito: 032 9461416/7, Cornubia: 031 5021658, KwaDukuza: 032 4378436

Health Matters

Photo: GP: Dr Melize de Villiers, Dr Marijke Linde, Dr Robyn Joubert. Psychologist: Lisa Grant-Stuart, Liesl Morris. Physiotherapist: Candice Langford. Dietician: Chloe Dyer. Life coach: Carrie Nidd.

The Health Matters team currently consists of 10 females (go girl power!). Sharing a vision to be a dedicated, modern, influential practice, which is integrated in the community, the medical professionals at Health Matters are like-minded, hard-working, compassionate professionals who respect each other’s role in the holistic medicine approach. At Health Matters, patients have access to the entire multidisciplinary team under one roof at medical aid rates. The team includes: three general practitioners, two psychologists, two physiotherapists, a dietician and a life/relationship coach. Details: 087 152 3030, [email protected], Regency building, 3 Douglas Crowe, Ballito.

Dr. Helena van der Linden, of The Cosmetic and Dental Emporium – is passionate about digital cosmetic dentistry, specifically Clear Aligner treatment (Invisalign and Clear Correct), smile makeovers and perfecting adult smiles to create a natural looking smile. With a keen eye for detail, she understands the balance between perfection and the nature of beauty and believes in treatments that are minimally invasive and practicing a holistic approach to both dentistry and aesthetics. Helena is passionate about building and maintaining long term relationships with her patients in her unique approach to beauty and life.

Details: Suite 5 & 6, Mayfair on the Lake, 5 Park Lane, Umhlanga Tel: 031 566 5121, WhatsApp: 082 6869122 E: [email protected] www.umhlangadentists.co.za


Dr Mackenzie, Family Practitioner
With 30 years’ experience as a family practitioner, Dr Mackenzie and her team are dedicated to ensuring that you receive the best possible care and attention throughout your journey with them. Specializing in providing caring and high quality healthcare to patients and their families, Dr Mackenzie feels it is a privilege to be able to treat the whole family, from infant to frail care, in a safe and friendly environment.
The practice takes pride in ensuring that people are kept well both physically and emotionally. Dr Mackenzie is also a qualified aesthetics practitioner, dedicated to wellness, anti-aging and rejuvenation.
Details: Suite 4, Medigate 2, Medigate Road, Umhlanga, 031 566 4073


Dr. Tharushka Naidoo, is a registered Homeopathic doctor based in Medstone Medical Centre, Umhlanga. With a master’s degree in Homeopathic medicine, she prides herself in providing treatment that is current, evidence-based and effective. She has a keen focus on women’s health in her private practice and her passion is educating young women on their reproductive health and offering healthy, natural alternatives for treating hormonal issues. Her approach to conditions such as PCOS, endometriosis, fibroids, ovarian cysts & infertility is holistic, providing patients with tools on diet, lifestyle and stress management in combination with homeopathic treatment.
Details: Suite 404, Medstone Medical Centre, Umhlanga Ridge Blvd. www.drtnaidoo.co.za Tel: 031 561 1709  [email protected] FB: Dr Tharushka Naidoo | IG: @drtnaidoo


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