Having established themselves as a top aesthetic clinic on the North Coast over the past 16 years, the team at Lasersure in Ballito go above and beyond to ensure their clients’ aesthetic and anti-ageing skin care needs are met. Editor Leah recently experienced one of their most popular treatments.

Although I do love a good beauty spoil, I have to admit to not prioritizing my skin as much as I should. Also, I’m going to go ahead and confess to having always been slightly apprehensive about aesthetic treatments and a little hesitant to give them a try, despite my curiosity.

However, when Dr Michelle Blom, who is in the process of taking over the reins at Lasersure, invited me to experience a treatment, I didn’t hesitate for a second. Not only because of the phenomenal reputation Lasersure founders Dr’s Hoffie and Frances Prinsloo have developed over the years, but also because of Dr Michelle’s very obvious passion for anti-ageing and aesthetic treatments.

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The Lasersure Aesthetic Centre is situated at Sanhall Park in Ballito and is a lovely, welcoming and professional space. From the moment I arrived, everyone was friendly and full of smiles and my (completely unnecessary) nerves dissipated almost instantly.
After filling in some forms and following all the Covid protocols, I was shown to my treatment room by the lovely, bubbly therapist Tammy, who then explained the treatments I would be undergoing.

We started with a very gentle Glycolic peel. As I hadn’t ever had chemical peels, Tammy suggested we start with something light, so she did a 20% peel. A glycolic acid peel is an alpha-hydroxy acid (AHA) chemical exfoliation treatment that has loads of benefits and very little (if any) downtime. After a quick cleanse, she applied the peel and I immediately started to feel a slight tingling sensation. It was completely bearable and not uncomfortable at all – just felt like a little itch that needed scratching! The peel only stays on for five minutes and was all done before I knew it. Tammy explained that this is a great option for brides or anyone preparing for a big event, because there is little-to-no downtime and the benefits include reducing hyperpigmentation (age spots), evening out skin tone, smoothing fine lines and wrinkles and adding glow, lustre and hydration to your skin.

I was very excited about the next treatment, especially as Dr Michelle told me that Lasersure is one of only two places in Ballito that offer it. Laser Genesis skin therapy (also known as the Raindrop or Hollywood celebrity facial) is all about stimulating the collagen and elastin and lifting and tightening the skin. It also reduced redness and inflammation and works on fine lines and wrinkles. The procedure uses non-invasive laser technology to safely and effectively improve a multitude of conditions and there is absolutely no downtime. It works by heating the papillary dermis, thus stimulating collagen and elastin to work on skin texture and tone as well as shrinking the tiny red veins that cause redness.
It felt slightly odd at first as Tammy moved the little wand (which is hooked up to larger machine) slowly across my face, but the more she did it, the more relaxed I felt with this lovely warm glow gliding across my face. In fact, I soon started feeling quite sleepy and relaxed!

For best results, Michelle suggested between six to eight Laser Genesis therapy sessions done in combination with other treatments such as peels and microneedling.
My first (and most certainly not last) visit to Lasersure Aesthetic Centre was quick, completely painless and left my skin feeling pampered, hydrated and glowing! I will be back!

Details: Lasersure, 11 Sanhall Office Park, 1 Kirsty Close, Ballito, 032 946 0424

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