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Beauty review: Organic beauty spoil

A luxurious setting and products that are organic, cruelty-free and full of all the good things your skin needs … our editor was recently invited to experience a facial at the stunning Esse concept store in Ballito.

Facials don’t always get the priority status they deserve when it comes to our beauty regimes. We’re usually too busy to find time for them … or we don’t budget them in … and suddenly another month has gone by and our skin is worse for the wear.

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I was recently invited to experience a facial at the lovely Esse concept store at the Lifestyle Centre in Ballito and, needless to say, I jumped at the opportunity. Not only because I knew it would force me to actually make the time to go and have a facial, but also because I’ve always wanted to experience one in this beautiful salon.

There are a few things that make Esse stand out from most other beauty brands. Possibly my favourite is the fact that all of their products are developed with sustainability (for both the environment and the people using them) in mind. That’s saying a lot, especially when our skin is being exposed to chemicals – from antibiotics, disinfectants, sanitizers, chemical-based products and the pollutants in the air – on a daily basis. They are also all cruelty-free.
The team at Esse also believe in ‘rewilding’ your skin, by creating an environment that allows your natural microbial diversity to return. It sounds complicated, but basically that just means they use pre- and probiotics specifically designed to support your skin microbiome in their formulas.

When I arrived for my facial I was introduced to my therapist (who is also a store manager at the branch), the lovely Lihle Mthembu. She showed me to the back ‘salon-area’ and left me to fill in my forms. When the oversized, elegant curtains are drawn, this gorgeous area is cordoned off from the rest of the store and you feel a little like you’ve stepped into a natural wonderland of greenery and luxury.

Clearly passionate about what she does, Lihle took her time examining my skin before deciding on a ‘course of action’. The one-hour Esse Experience facial is personalised to suit your specific skin concerns with customisations and an add-ons that the therapist feels are necessary included.
The Esse team focus on the ‘whole experience’ for their clients and go out of their way to ensure that things like the room temperature, music volume and even the beverage served after the treatment, are all to your liking and preference.

The facial itself was incredibly soothing and relaxing. I especially enjoyed the ‘peel off’ mask, which is applied over your eyes and mouth and then peel off completely afterwards (the wonderful head massage while the mask was on probably helped make this my favourite part!).

The combination of Esse products used during my facial were specifically aimed at hydrating my skin, boosting collagen production, reducing inflammation and strengthening my skin’s barrier function.
Not only did my skin feel wonderful immediately after the facial, but the entire experience was also incredibly stress-relieving. After doing a little shopping in the store (I couldn’t resist taking home a few new products to try!), I left feeling all post-facial-glowy and fabulously relaxed!

The one-hour Esse Experience facial is R650 (excluding add-ons) and they also offer a range of other treatments like massages and grooming (waxing and threading). They also have gift cards available.

Details: Esse, Lifestyle Centre Ballito, 032 648 0040, [email protected] @esseskincareballito

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