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Mental wellbeing has never been as important as it is right now. Not only does it impact your thoughts, behaviours and emotions, but mind wellness can either negatively or positively affect your physical health as well. October is mental health awareness month. We’ve rounded up some great ideas for keeping your mind strong.


The past year and a half of the pandemic has affected everyone’s mental health. Fear, isolation, loss of employment and grief have triggered mental health conditions or worsened existing ones. People are facing increasing levels of insomnia, anxiety and use of alcohol and drugs. COVID-19 also leads to neurological and mental complications such as strokes, agitation and delirious states. People with pre-existing neurological, mental or substance use disorders are also more vulnerable to infection. Dr Mudaly’s advice is: be kind to yourself and others; pause, breathe and reflect; connect; establish a healthy routine and reach out if needed. Details: Dr N Mudaly, Sanhall Park, Ballito,
031 941 6871, [email protected]


Physical and mental fatigue present themselves through disturbed sleep, lower immune function, always feeling exhausted, reduced concentration and ‘brain fog’. Repeated elevated exposure to cortisol leads to neurotoxicity and maladaptive neuroplastic changes. To understand which category you are experiencing in your stress patterns, book a consultation with Teresa Vos.
Details: 082 452 7936, [email protected]a, @TopFormSA

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Rooted shots are condensed and concentrated goodness. We use only fresh produce, sourced from local farmers. Our mulch goes to Flag Animal Farm and the bottles are reused, nothing is wasted. Choose from five flavours and give your body an immune boost with pure, raw goodness. No water, no preservatives. Rooted Life: 074 923 9543, [email protected], IG:@rooted.lifesa FB: Rooted Life
Photo Credit: Tipanga Badenhorst

Your mental health is not just one single part of your overall well being. It flourishes or withers, depending on how well you’re tending to the rest of your life … and vice versa. This Mental Health Month, mend your mind by making sure that you’re eating correctly, taking the right supplements and adopting healthy lifestyle practices. Wellness Warehouse supports ‘Live Life Well’ rewards members’ health journeys with up to 3% cash back when shopping for supplements, health foods, natural beauty, eco-home, clean fitness and natural baby care at Wellness Warehouse. Details: Find them at Ballito Junction and La Lucia Mall or online wellnesswarehouse.com

THE QUALITY OF OUR RELATIONSHIPS DETERMINES THE QUALITY OF OUR LIVESCarrie Nidd, an ACC/IFC Relationship Coach at Health Matters, says “We are social creatures and are just not meant to be doing this (life, marriage, parenting, business) alone!” The modern ideology of success and love is compelling and never have we had such dual lives showing ‘good vibes’ to the world, yet often crumbling under the weight of so many expectations. As a life coach, Carrie has been privy to this very sacred psychological terrain and knows from being on both sides what transformations come from exploration through the coaching journey. So, how do you want to show up for this one wild, crazy life?
Details: 084 257 0835, www.carrienidd.com, [email protected]

Nature’s Relief is a natural medicine dispensary specialising in holistic solutions for healthcare, wellness and performance. The best results have been reported for pain, anxiety, stress and gut health with the aim to restore quality of life of each customer and unlock their potential. Using carefully formulated product ranges and qualified doctors on site, we help give the body what it needs to heal itself. Open 6 days a week and available online. Details: Shop 13 Chartwell Centre Umhlanga, www.naturesrelief.co.za
@naturesreliefsa, 067 852 9402

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