Meet the TRAINERS…

Whether you’re stretching it out on the pilates mat, squatting and lunging in the studio or burning it off on the boxing bags … here are the North Coast trainers you need to know!

Ty White is the head coach of DriveTrain Academy – a power-based cycling specific studio and coaching academy based in Ballito. DriveTrain Academy is for all fitness levels, from
those who are serious about cycling to fitness enthusiasts. Ty has over 25 years’ sporting
experience and has competed competitively in motocross, adventure racing, triathlons, Xterra and cycling. He has coached and mentored locally and internationally, but DriveTrain
Academy is his home base where he shares his main passion, cycling. Ty facilitates the classes and believes it is important to educate, support and encourage his members. Ty’s focus is on fun, health, fitness, and quality. “You train for life and longevity, the foundation of a healthier lifestyle”.
Details: [email protected] 082 5641750
IG: @drivetrainacademy  FB: Drivetrain Academy

Footworx Dance Centre is a multi-style dance centre that offers training in ballet,
tap, modern, jazz, hip hop, burlesque and contemporary dance in their fullyequipped
studios. With a focus on passion and commitment, the Footworx team believe that safety and the correct technique training are extremely important – and their fully qualified teachers ensure that dancers get optimum training. Principal teacher, Natashia Hooman,
has danced all her life, representing SA at the IDO World Championships twice in her teens and teaching for over a decade and believes in the physical, mental and spiritual benefits of dance.
Natashia Hooman 082 560 7861 e: :[email protected]

With over 25 years in the health and wellness space, Wayne Collin is internationally
qualified in nutrition, endurance conditioning and strength training. His secret weapon? Consistency. This, he believes, is the catalyst for all good things in life. By sharing his own methods daily, he’s the perfect inspiration for those who trust him to help them reach their fitness goals. When he’s not in the gym, you’ll find Wayne running and riding, making the most of the great outdoors. Ready to adopt sustainable habits and change your life for the better in 2022? Then it’s time to BLAST!
Details: Wayne Collin 083 456 0138 FB & IG: waynecollinfitness

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When Misha Mostert started her yoga journey over 10 years ago, she says, she couldn’t touch her toes. “But it sparked a light inside of me. I wanted to be be better and healthier and achieve goals,” she says. Since then, she has completed three yoga teacher trainings, attended numerous workshops with world-renowned teachers and has taught over 4000 hours. “I got into fitness the same way. I understood that I needed to not only be flexible, but strong as well. I started teaching Yoga Sculpt, but over the years it evolved into H.E.A.T (High Energy Athletic Training).” In these classes, the focus is on flexibility, strength and agility. Misha believes every person needs a trainer who looks at them as an individual and helps them achieve their goals.
IG: @mishamostert, [email protected]
PHOTO CREDIT: Kevin Rom @profarazzi_media

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