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Revolutionary SKINCARE

Lightsculpt’s technology-driven aesthetics light the way to a new revolution of skincare

Skin is an important asset and many people treat it as such. LightSculpt’s holistic approach to skincare is a way of rediscovering the benefits of different lifestyles and products. Their bespoke technologies combined with expert skills make them one of the best in the market. Allan White, managing director and managing partner of LightSculpt, emphasises it is all a matter of science.

For more than a decade, Allan and his team have worked tirelessly to construct LightSculpt, a business that has experienced an unparalleled level of success in Gauteng.
With their North Coast branch, they take their passion for health and wellness to another level, allowing their customers to enjoy this bespoke service and lifestyle. “We pride ourselves on being entirely ‘patient-centric’ in every aspect of our business. We use only the best equipment and technology to look at each patient as an individual and deliver real, tangible results,” says Allan.

“The first step in addressing a person’s skin concerns is understanding what is happening in every layer of the skin. The only way to do this is through science and the right technology.” And that’s exactly what LightSculpt offers.

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Each branch has a full complement of specialised staff, and in Umhlanga, this includes Dr Jolene Pitman who specialises in aesthetic medicine and provides only the highest-quality results for patients of all ages.

Tyla Oosterlaak, senior aesthetic practitioner and aesthetician, relocated from Johannesburg to head up the somatology department at the Umhlanga branch. With its fully equipped facilities and her outstanding expertise, the branch is now fully equipped to meet the needs of North Coast residents. Although LightSculpt started in Johannesburg where Allan has a number of other business interests, he too has relocated to this area and says that LightSculpt and aesthetics are his absolute passion and focus.

LightSculpt also boasts its own in-house somatology training academy, with its focus being on offering the best possible treatment and results for patients while still keeping value for money top of mind.

Leading-edge technology is a top priority for Lightsculpt with some of the most advanced laser equipment the industry has ever seen being used at their branches. Their remarkable Visia skin analysis machine offers patients an in-depth look at each layer of their skin.

“These machines are unlike any other. They help us understand exactly what our client’s skin needs are.”

Each customer is given a complimentary Visia skin analysis using the latest equipment in the beauty industry ensuring they are better able to make informed decisions about their skin when they have access to the knowledge and expertise of a professional. By combining high-quality images of customers’ faces, this analysis can show underlying spots, freckles, pigmentation, skin lesions and underlying skin cancers, benign nodes, UV and brown spots, wrinkles and hydration issues. This information can be used by doctors to better treat their patients and give them informed advice about leading a healthier lifestyle. The machine also helps measure and assess the results of injectable and non-invasive treatments, helping patients better understand which procedures are most appropriate for their desired outcome.

LightSculpt offers professional solutions for aesthetic skin treatments as well an IV Bar where IV’s are administered exclusively by a doctor. The company’s team of experts believes that every session should be performed by a licensed practitioner, ensuring customers receive the safest and highest quality care throughout their experience. All treatments are specifically formulated to treat your individual needs and make use of only medical-grade ingredients.
LightSculpt also owns the trademark for a product called The Pigmentation Protocol – a solution-based treatment course formulated (predominantly but not exclusively) for women who suffer from pigmentation caused by hormones.

As someone who suffered from hormone pigmentation from the age of 14, Allan says former Miss SA, Claudia Henkel, has spoken openly about the remarkable results she’s seen after being treated by the LightSculpt team.

While our beautiful year-round sunny North Coast weather surely is wonderful, it does a remarkable amount of damage to our skin. The LightSculpt team have an array of advanced treatments and technology on hand to identify and treat this damage. “We have hands-down the very best technology, resources, doctors and somatologists around – it’s a very powerful combination and our results are a testament to this.”

Details: Suite 104, Medstone Medical Centre, Umhlanga Ridge
www.lightsculpt.co.za, @lightsculpt
Tel: 011 616 1436 email: [email protected]

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